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What happens when racing excitement meets powerful fiscally-backed conviction? Donkervoort. Started in 1978 as an effect of Joops' want to construct their own sports-car, both business name along with the cars have eventually become a sign of independence, driving tenacity and pure street satisfaction.
Began from Joop's little family dwelling in Tienhoven, Donkervoort's have gained a reputation for their combination of retromodern appears and astonishing power and management. Although firmly founded in the Lotus 7, a vehicle that started a fresh age in the 1950s, Donkervoorts are far from being dull clones or bodykits because it frequently mistaken.
Having stored the Lotus-7 complete look tup even today, Donkervoorts are embodiments of innovative engineering and refined design elements. It at present employs just 30 individuals, even though the business has developed since its start.
A two figure amount may look extremely low for an automobile maker but not for Donkervoort. All versions are hand constructed by experienced craftsman, one in the time before happening public street show. 
The Cosworth and Zetec engines were the past Ford - provided types to locate place under Donkervoort bodywork.
Only Audi 1.8 L turbo-charged engines are put to use since 1999. Twelve months following the debut of Audi engines, a fresh modern plant was constructed in Loosdrecht from today where the business still runs its operation. 
Donkervoort automobiles might virtually look identical but are highly-customizable. You can select from an assortment of choices, including body building supplies, colour pallets and upholstery to a multitude of finishes and trims. But, the primary feature of Donkervoort stays its drivability. Excellent weight distribution and low driver location in addition to obedient brakes and very open course guarantee an enjoyable drive.
The Dutch contractor's latest offspring is a strong closed top D8 GT version with great race capacities. All Donkervoort versions come with conventional race-car components like antiroll bars a many owners choose to have their vehicles for the racing track rather than cruising in the open roads.
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