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Kia Motors is a South Korean automaker that's comparatively new to america. 
Founded in Korea in 1944, Kia started as a business of bike parts and steel tube. The organization's name has its origins in the China, and means "to appear, to look out of Asia." The 1960's found Kia enlarging its line to contain threewheeled cargo vehicles and bicycles. Naturally, the next logical step was auto production, and the company began going in this method in the early '70s.
By 1973, the new facility at Sohari found conclusion, becoming Korea's first of its kind. 
Kia's sounding launch and modern technology caught the interest of numerous foreign producers(e.g. Peugeot and Fiat) with whom it partnered to put
creation of some of their variants for example Peugeot's 604 and Fiat's 132. The Avella was rebadged as the Ford Aspire on america market.
In 1992, the brand was incorporated into america and timidly started business through a miniature four - its first vehicles which were sold by car dealer network in
1994. From that point on, Kia suffered a fate very similar to that of Hyundai, company it would later join into due to unsuccessful management of financial problems.
Trouble started in the late '90 when the company became stagnant and hence unable to rollout new variants. That is when Hyundai came into play. The major Korean auto-contractor got rid of resistance by means of amalgamation. Both companies have experienced difficulty and low sales due to dependability complaints above their vehicles.
Now, Kia Motors is a global business that exports about 1.5 million cars each year and contains a whole lineup including passenger cars, commercial vehicles and buses. A comprehensive selection of Kia vehicles can be looked at in many places throughout about 170 countries throughout the planet. In Addition, Kia now has independent generation facilities and research and design centers globally in countries like Korea, Slovakia, China and the U.S. Around 44, 000 Kia Motors workers are working hard to fit the diverse needs of customers and always changing.
Kia Motors made outstanding transitions within the short period of time of 67 years. However, the development and growth was too fast and also a bankruptcy crisis was endured by the business in 1997. Fortunately, Kia Motors was able to actually have a clean sheet as portion of the HyundaiKia Automotive Group two years after and also the calamity became the foundation for a tremendous jump forward for the company.
From 2000, Kia Motors set its sights not merely for the foreign markets but also national market. Since that time, Kia has been developing a fashion distinctive to a strong brand and Kia products identity for customers around the world.
At Kia Motors, design does not revolve upon the vehicle, but instead the people that drive the vehicle. Layout is not merely aimed at creating an attractive vehicle, but instead offering attributes that'll make the lives of our customers easier while choosing the atmosphere under consideration.
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