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Wilhelm Maybach was among the first engineers in Germany.

The Maybach Motorenbau GmbH by its complete name is an automobile business that prides itself of producing the most unique automobiles.

Maybach had formerly worked with Daimler Company. More to the point, Maybach was responsible of constructing and creating different kinds of engines and diesel for various vehicles.
That was just the starting-point for the German producer who continued to better its automobiles until 1940. 
In 1941, Maybach finished car production in order to show its focus on military engines. The same change was made by many companies, and several companies did not come out the other side when WW2 ended. Maybach was one of those.
Parallel to building very expensive automobiles, Maybach kept their tradition and continued to create diesel engines for marine and railroad vehicles. Maybach supplied Panther and Tiger tanks with engines and too joined the war effort, after the war came. But unlike a number of other automobile manufacturers that restarted production after the war was over, Maybach never found where it left off, despite making fix on its plant.
Daimler AG, who purchased the rights to the Maybach name. But, the business name was shelved for quite a while, so long that many forgot it ever existed.
The rude awakening they got was in 1997 when Mercedes chose to spring a really interesting theory on the world: the MercedesBenz Maybach. As the auto enjoyed enormous success, enough to convince staff to massproduce a vehicle under the Maybach emblem the surprise was eventually on Mercedes.
Beginning with the year 2,000, the Maybach brand was relaunched with a luxurious version that arrived in two sizes: the Maybach 62 and the Maybach 57 (the figures stand for the size of the vehicle in decimeters). Then, in 2005 came the 57S with some body modifications and an even more powerful motor to help it attain an even more sporty appearance.
What makes these automobile s different from any other item in the market (apart from the absurd of characteristics on every automobile) is the fact that nearly every facet of the vehicle is customizable. 
Maybach Manufaktur handbuilds automobiles to purchase in Sindelfingen, Germany, at the factory it calls the Middle of Excellence. Versions have developed from the base 62 and 57 to contain a Landaulet with open back roof, higher - hp 57S and 62S versions, and a resurrection of the Zeppelin name. Each version comes with the best leather upholstery and also sterling silver champagne flutes and wood trim, plus a raft of alternatives. The Zeppelin will have an incorporated perfume atomizer to waft your favourite aroma throughout the cottage. The first vehicle for Mercedes is now the last term in extravagance.
In 2005 a very stylish prototype coupe was also shown to the world by them called the Exelero.
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