There’s a reason why RV sales generate roughly $26 billion in sales each year. Recreational vehicles are no longer a fad. If the pandemic has proved anything, it’s the value of being able to pack up for an isolated vacation whenever you feel like it.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of different RVs out there. This can make picking the right type of RV for your needs challenging. That’s why we made this article.

In it, we’ll walk you through some of the common considerations that every buyer needs to go through. That way, you can find the best recreational vehicle for your specific needs. Let’s get started!

Motorized or Towable?

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a motorized RV that can drive itself or a towable one that attaches to another vehicle. If you want motorized options, you can go with the Class A, Class B, or Class C motorhomes.

These types of RV range in their size and features, but they all feature a cab and motor engine for driving. The other option is towable RVs. Most of these options, like fifth wheels, travel trailers, and toy haulers will require a truck to tow.

However, some towable RVs, like the pop-up can fit on SUVs and even some types of cars. So, if you want a towable RV, you should first make sure that your vehicle can support it.

Barebones or Advanced?

Now, it’s time to decide what features you want in your RV. Maybe you want a barebone option for storage and sleeping during camping trips. In that case, a pop-up or toy hauler will work for you.

But, if you want advanced features, like a kitchen, multiple bathrooms, and even a fireplace, go with a Class A motorhome.

New or Used?

Next, it’s time to decide whether to go new or used. You can find new recreational vehicles at an RV dealership. These types will cost more, but they last a lot longer.

They also include better financing options and warranties. Used RVs will save you some money, but depending on their condition they likely won’t last long.

If you buy a used motorized RV, make sure to get it checked out by a mechanic to see what condition it’s in. Can’t afford an RV? Consider going with an RV rental. There are plenty of places where you can rent an RV for a road trip. 

Enjoyed Learning Which Type of RV You Should Get? 

We hope this article helped you find the right type of RV for your specific needs. As you can see, there are a lot of considerations you need to make. Your budget and vehicle type will play a big factor in which type of RV is right for you.

But, in the end, it all comes down to personal preference. So, just keep looking until you find a recreational vehicle that you truly connect with. Can’t get enough content?

If the answer is yes, then you’re just like us. That’s why we regularly release great new articles for our readers about the latest trends. So, keep exploring until you get your fill.