person tinting car window

Does your dream car have windows that are tinted dark as night? There are many benefits of tinting your car’s windows — from increased privacy to reduced temperatures and glare from the sun. But no matter your reasons for wanting to tint your car’s windows, you have to make sure that the tinting is done properly or you could face legal consequences.

So what is the darkest legal tint you can put on your car? It depends! Read on to learn all about it!

Why Can’t You Tint Your Windows as Dark as You Like?

Many car owners love to customize their cars, and window tinting is a super common modification. Legal limitations on window tinting can put a serious damper on your car’s style. That said, there are actually good reasons for those limitations.

One of the main reasons for limiting the amount of tint you can put on your car is to make sure that the driver can adequately see the road ahead of them. Imagine wearing your sunglasses at night while driving down a dark road — not exactly great for visibility, right? That’s why the back windows can be tinted much darker than the front.

Car Tinting Differs by State

There is no one size fits all answer to the question of legal tint darkness. Every state has different laws regarding window tinting, and they can vary dramatically from state-to-state.

Window tinting laws define the percentage of window tinting for different window zones: the front side windows, backside windows, rear windows, and windshield. They also define the amount of reflectivity, such as metallic or mirrored tinting, permitted in the tint.

How dramatically do these laws differ? Well, Alaska allows drivers to tint the front side windows up to 70 percent while Arkansas only allows 25 percent tint darkness. In addition, Arizona allows any tint darkness for the rear windows while Louisiana only permits 12 percent tint darkness.

If you have concerns about tint darkness, contact local law enforcement or speak with an attorney about your options.

What Are the Consequences If Your Tint is Too Dark?

If you tint your car’s windows without regard to local laws, you might end up with a costly fix-it ticket. The cost of the actual ticket will not be a huge expense, but you will be required to reduce your car’s tints within legal limits and bring your car to the police department to prove that you fixed it.

Most states will provide an exemption to tinting laws if you have a legitimate medical condition that requires your car’s windows to have a dark tint as long as you have documentation such as a letter from your doctor or a prescription. These medical conditions include lupus, melanoma, photosensitivity, and sunlight allergy. You must have the documentation on hand at all times.

Interested in Getting the Darkest Legal Tint on Your Car?

Wanting to have a car that’s both stylish and optimized for privacy is pretty common. Unfortunately, all of us must abide by state and local laws in order to avoid costly fix-it tickets. Ask your local body shop about the darkest legal tint for your state if you’re not sure, and be aware of other states’ laws if you drive your car out of state.

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