Brawn GP

It just competed in the 2009 Formula One World Championship, with motorists Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello. In 2010, identity was again changed by the team, getting Mercedes GP.
On its racing debut, the seasonopening 2009 Australian Grand Prix, the team went to end first and second in the race and took pole position and 2nd position in qualifying. Button won six of the very first seven races of the period as well as on 18 October in the Brazilian Grand Prix, he secured the 2009 Drivers' Championship and also the group won the Constructors' Title. 
On 16 November 2009 it was affirmed the team's engine provider, MercedesBenz, in partnership with Aabar Investments had bought a 75.1% position in Brawn GP, which was renamed Mercedes GP for the 2010 season.
With the lack of Honda's engines, Ross Brawn said that several makers offered to furnish the team's engines, . however, it was the MercedesBenz engines that best fitted the car with Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello containing the driver lineup.
On 20 March it was affirmed that Brawn GP could be allotted the final pitlane slot, with Force India moving up one slot. Bernie Ecclestone proposed this was because of the take-over involving a change of name, stating that "If... it was called Honda... whatever was because of Honda, they'd have got." This however was altered in the request of Force India because their promotional materials had previously been printed with figures 20 and 21. Brawn really had no-objection and were reassigned numbers 22 and 23, with 19 and 18 not assigned to anybody.
2009 race time
More info: 2009 Formula One-season
Jenson Button en-route to his win in the Spanish Grand Prix.
The group began firmly on the Friday Practice of the Australian Grand Prix concluding within the very best five. In qualifying at Australia Jenson Button took post, with team-mate Rubens Barrichello coming second, followed by Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel. This is followed by means of a race win for Jenson Button, who led from start to coating, with Rubens Barrichello second giving a 1 to Brawn - 2 coating on the introduction, which had not occurred since Mercedes in the 1954 French Grand Prix.
Button won again in the Bahrain Grand Prix from fourth in the grid with Barrichello in fifth from sixth. Button ran most of the race in climate and kept the lead after the Toyotas pitted and fell down the purchase. This is the very first time they were slower, together with the fuel corrected qualifying times, within the period and was blamed in the dearth of development in the auto.
In the 2009 Spanish Grand Prix, Brawn attained their 2nd 1-2 of the season with Button leading house Barrichello again. Brawn's fourth win saw them overtake Honda in the alltime wins list.
Button in the 2009 Turkish Grand Prix.
In the Monaco Grand Prix identical qualifying results as in Spain were attained with Button on post. Button led Barrichello, who had overtaken Kimi Raikkonen off the line, to the very first corner with Button leading Raikkonen, Barrichello and Felipe Massa for the bulk of the race. Button took Brawn's third 1-2 and his first hat-trick of victories.
In this year's Turkish Grand Prix the Brawns were beaten to post by Vettel after fighting with speed throughout Saturday and Friday, for Button notably. At the beginning, Barrichello's antistall reduction in and he fell towards the rear of the grid; Button meanwhile, after pointing the automobile at Vettel got off cleanly and inherited the lead at move 10 when Vettel ran wide. Button lead the race evenly for the remainder of the race with his team-mate having several incidents before providing their very first retirement to Brawn after losing seventh gear.
In the British Grand Prix both motorists fought for the team's house race. The vehicle could not heat-up the tyres enough and both motorists struggled with balance problems. Button had his worst qualifying of the time in sixth with Barrichello attaining second. Within the race neither of the drivers shone and both had fairly peaceful races to sixth and third with Button having a late surge.
In the German Grand Prix the team suffered the same destiny as in UK as both motorists suffered with tyre temperatures. The group qualified light-as to go onto the front-row and qualified behind Webber in second and third, respectively. Despite leading within the very first stint, Barrichello completed sixth after a defective fuel rig destroyed his race. Button ran in the lower points after getting caught behind Kovalainen and was able to overtake Barrichello to finish fifth following the group inverted their pitstop laps to decrease his disadvantage to Vettel and challengers Webber who finished first and second respectively.
The cause of Barrichello's underperformance was from his rear suspension a failure causing a spring falling off and afterwards hitting Ferrari's Felipe Massa about the helmet causing severe head injuries. Button also was impacted by this as his vehicle spent most of Q3 being examined to ensure the same components wouldn't fail and wound up qualifying with considerably more fuel than intended. Within the race much pace was shown by neither driver even though once the temperatures hit 40oC Button was the guy to the monitor at that time. Button was able to repass Trulli throughout the last pit-stops and pick up seventh with his teammate in 10 percent closely behind Trulli and Nakajima.
In the European Grand Prix, Barrichello won for the very first time in 5 years, among the gaps between Grand Prix victories in Formula One history. Barrichello started third in the grid, behind the rejuvenated McLaren Mercedes automobiles of Heikki Kovalainen and Lewis Hamilton. Button started fifth in the grid, and completed the race in 7th following the retirement of Sebastian Vettel from fourth, while Barrichello thrived.
In the Grand Prix Button again had a dismal showing and was removed by Romain Grosjean to the very first lap. 
In the Italian Grand Prix, the Brawns were started fifth and 6th, and fuelled large. Both Brawns were able to ensure it is past the greatly fuelled Kovalainen in the opening laps, and both held up their speed to finish their closing onetwo of the time, Barrichello in first, Button in 2nd.
In the Singapore Grand Prix, problems were suffered by both drivers in qualifying, Button failing to make it in the 3rd session.
In japan Grand Prix Brawn had the chance to clinch the 2009 Constructors Championship, nevertheless the drivers started 10th and sixth. Both drivers had moderately successful races, finally concluding 7th and 8th. This left Brawn only half a point from winning Constructors Championship. An average 25second penalty could have moved both Brawn motorists one position up and also the Constructors Championship could have been won, however it was introduced after that Rosberg was in the obvious and also the race outcome would stand.
In the Grand Prix Button clinched the Drivers Championship by finishing in place, with Barrichello finishing in spot Brawn also won the Constructors Championship. In Abu Dhabi, the last race of the time, they finished 3 - 4 with Barrichello third and Button world champion in the tournament. 
Deal to MercedesBenz
On 16 November 2009 it was formally declared that Daimler AG in partnership with Aabar Investments had bought a 75.1% position in Brawn GP. Reports indicate the partnership paid GBP110m for those 75.1%. The group could be re-branded as Mercedes GP in 2010. The remaining 24.9% position is Ross Brawn's in partnership with Nick Fry. The team utilized the Brawn GP base in Brackley because of its functions and as team principal Brawn stayed on.
BGP 001
Main article: Brawn BGP 001
The BGP001 was initially designed with the aim to become the Honda RA109. Actually, because of the poor performance of the Honda team in 2008, the team created a comparatively early beginning in creating this year's auto. However, following Honda's withdrawal, evolution of the automobile continued, within the hope the team could be somehow saved.
Ultimately, the vehicle was appropriated from the recently-formed Brawn GP team, and altered to fit a MercedesBenz motor rather than the anticipated Honda motor. Its shakedown was performed by jenson Button - the auto featuring white, fluorescent chartreuse yellow and black colors. The group gave its first evaluation to the BGP 001
at Circuit de Catalunya on 9 March 2009, topping the timesheets often. With the testing moving to Circuito de Jerez, Brawn GP continued to establish the speed, completing the test leading both of the three assessments. During an interview Brawn said there is more pace ahead after he described that '... The BGP 001 auto is the consequence of 15 months of intensive development work as well as the group are nothing less-than amazing within their obligation to creating two automobiles in time for the very first race'. This opinion was appealed as well as the appeal was heard following the 2nd race of the period. However motorsport's governing body ruled the vehicle was lawful. There is another complaint at Malaysia after they were deemed legal after which the appeal was joined by BMW Sauber, again. Following the appeal the diffuser was deemed lawful by the FIA. In Spain, the vehicle got its first improvements because Australia that have been chiefly to perform with the various cooling conditions of the Mercedes engine and gave a 1 to Brawn - 2, just like in Melbourne.
Jenson Button used just one Brawn BGP001 throughout the 2009 season, making the chassis specified "BGP 001 02" among the very successful F1 chassis ever. Jenson Button keeps possession of chassis BGP 001 02 as a condition of his own agreement with Brawn GP in the contingency he won the tournament.
The Brawn GP motor house sponsored the team and its own supporters at most races.
Sir Richard Branson announced Virgin as a main sponsor for your group on 28 March 2009. Brawn declared an agreement with MIG Investments, which may sport its emblem to the very front part of the auto on April 17. It was likewise affirmed on April 19 that RayBan, a shades maker, would carry on sponsoring the group - its logo appears in the drivers' helmets. Just for the Spanish Grand Prix, Sony Pictures joined the group with all the cars featuring promotional images in the forthcoming movie Terminator Salvation. At the 2009 Monaco Grand Prix, Google cofounder Larry Page was rumoured to be in negotiations with Brawn to sponsor the team this year. Page is thought to desire the Google name to appear on the team, though a guest of McLarenMercedes. The group used sponsorship from GrahamLondon prior to the British Grand Prix, using its emblem being shown to the BGP 001s' wing mirrors. Additionally, Monster Power added its emblem to Button's helmet from Silverstone onwards. 
Jenson Button driving in the 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
For the 2009 Singapore Grand Prix, a sponsorship deal was secured by Brawn GP with Canon.
For this year's Japanese Grand Prix, a single race sponsorship deal was secured by Brawn GP with Angfa Co. Ltd, manufacturer of the health care shampoo Scalp-D, that has proved extremely popular in Japan since its start in 2005.
It also had a partnership with Spanish insurance company Mapfre.
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