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The '20s were called "the Roaring Twenties" or "the Jazz Age" in The United States, and Western Europe. The ending of the First-world War in 1918 caused instability and labour unrest as the world, along with Canada, transitioned from war to peace-time economies. Cultural and creative achievements however prospered, fed by the brand new medium of radio broadcasting. Canada had certified its first radio broadcasting station. As community interest in vehicles improved the auto market grew. By 1929, there were over one-million automobiles in Canada, which stimulated other auto - related businesses, like gasoline stations, highway building, motels, and service stations. 
Miss Dorothy Wood and her horse leaping on a GrayDort car1921Gray-Dort motors begins like a carriage works business, and from 1915 to 1925 is among the most successful automakers in Canada.Like many vehicle manufacturers, GrayDort created automobiles in Canada using imported components. By 1916, GrayDort automobiles were made using completely Canadian parts.
The Ford T/ Doctor's Coupe, "As reliable because the physician himself". Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd, Walkerville, Ontario1923The Physician's Coupe, an enclosed design of Ford, was initially launched in 1910 11.It is not certain where it got its moniker but some implies it is because it was popular with Physician's who found it suitable for taking their gear and for travelling with their different appointments. Others suggest it was due to Ford's marketing of the coupe; 1 of those advertisements was titled "Dependable as the physician himself".
Brooks Steamers within the Stratford Factory, Stratford, Ontario1926Made in Canada, the Brooks Steam Car is introduced in 1923 in the Toronto Exhibition.Brooks automobiles were assembled partly of strengthened material. To be able to enhance the ability to weight ratio the Meritas brand fabric helped to create the vehicle lighter. Auto sales never took off nonetheless, along with the business shut manufacturing throughout the Great Depression of the 1930s.
Community Picnic at foot of Dry Canyon, Hesketh place, Alberta1920sCanada is the planet's second-biggest maker of cars, after america.By the end-of the 1920s, the mass-production of vehicles meant they were more affordable for more households. Canadians registered an impressive 1.9 million vehicles by the end-of the decade.
A particular, allday, crossCanada program treated listeners to speeches by dignitaries plus a mass efficiency of "O Canada," sung by choirs throughout the nation and like the newly installed Peace Tower Carillon. Britain and it marked the first-ever national program, and may be observed as far-away as South America.
Its effects were felt all over the world, and were portion of the chain of events that caused the Great Depression. After the Usa entered the Second World War, the Depression ended in 1941. Nevertheless, it wasn't until November 1954 the stock exchange returned to pre1929 levels.
The Winnipeg Falcons would be the gold medal winners in the very first Olympic hockey game1920Ice hockey is released for the very first time in the Summer Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium. The Canadian guys's hockey team wins gold. Women's ice hockey was launched in 1998, and Canada's women's teams won trophies in the four following Olympic winter games, including three gold and one silver.
Visitors in Vancouver at Granville and Hastings Streets1922British Columbia motorists join Ontario and Quebec in driving in the best part of the street. In certain states, autos were driven in the left aspect of the street, as was typical in different portions of the Commonwealth. BC changed to driving in the best part of the street in 1922, followed shortly after by Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince.
Egypt's cryptic king, Tutankhamun 1922 Archaeologist Howard Carter finds the grave of Tutankhamun, causing a resurrection of interest within the history and tradition of ancient Egypt.People within the western world are fascinated with ancient Egypt since Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign, which extended from 1798 to 1801. "Egyptomania" has received a critical impact on art, culture, and science since that point. The desire for "King Tut" continues to today. 
Other states shortly start building their particular highways. Many states now have completely developed freeway systems. For instance, the Usa has the world's biggest freeway network with 6,430,366 kilometres of road. The longest international highway is the Highway, which joins states in the Americas through 25, 000 kilometres of roadways.
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