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The origins of AM General could be followed to 1903 once the Standard Wheel Company of Terre Haute, Ind. enlarged its bike operation to contain the Overland Automotive Division to make motor vehicles, once the Overland "Runabout" was launched.
In 1908, the Overland Automotive Company was purchased by John North Willys afterward found in Indianapolis, Ind. In 1912, the WillysOverland Company was formed and, along with the Runabout, began creating the WillysKnight series car as well as the well-known "Whippet." In 1936, the business became WillysOverland Motors, Inc.
In the 40's, WillysOverland Motors, Inc. developed and made America's first fourwheel drive onefourth-ton tactical utility truck - the famous "Jeep." Following the war, WillysOverland began to investigate peacetime uses for the most popular 4x4 Jeep car.
In 1960, the business started its first civilian authorities plan by successfully winning a play to develop and create a halfton delivery van for the U.S. Post-office. Over 14,000 of those halfton vehicles were ultimately created.
Studebaker facilities are purchased by kaiser Jeep.
Early 1964 marked a critical landmark within the organization's history once the Kaiser-jeep Corporation bought the Studebaker Corporation production facilities on Chippewa Avenue in South Bend, Ind. 
In 1967, Kaiser-jeep Corporation formed a particular section dedicated completely to the research, development and creation of government vehicles. The Government Products Division and Protection was an immediate organizational forerunner of AM General.
In 1967, the firm was given a contract by the U.S. Post-office for the creation of the 1/4-ton DJ-5 Dispatcher. The U.S. Postal Service, police departments, utility businesses and small package delivery businesses used this hardy and lasting delivery vehicle. Over 150,000 Dispatchers were created.
In 1970, American Motors Corporation bought the Kaiser-jeep Corporation from Kaiser Industries.
AM General incorporates.
Reacting to the need for improved freedom within the military, AM General developed and patented the Central Tire-inflation System (CTI) to be utilized to the M809 and - ton 5 M939 trucks. The CTI featured driveractivated dash controls that changed tire-pressure to match terrain conditions as the car was in movement. The CTI improved vehicletowing capacity and brought to reduced lifecycle costs and longer vehicle life.
The U.S. Army gave AM General a model deal in 1981 and the development and functional testing was performed during a fivemonth period in 1982. In March 1983, AM General won an original $1.2 billion deal to make 55,000 Humvees to be shipped in five simple versions and 15 various configurations during a fiveyear interval. 
The Humvee offers exceptional speed, freedom and agility and is made upon a system that'll accommodate a wide variety of configurations. Humvees feature fulltime fourwheel drive, independent suspension, steep approach and departure angles, 60% gradeability and 16-inches of ground clearance. Humvees are now being used by the U.S. Military, Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy at locations through america and foreign.
In 1989, AM General finished its remaining moderate truck company and shut the Chippewa Avenue facilities in South Bend which was got from Studebaker in 1964. 
In August 1989, the U.S. Army gave AM General a new multiyear agreement for continuing creation of more then 33,000 Humvees. First deliveries under this new agreement started in January 1990. Total value of the second multiyear agreement was about $1 billion. Options increased the amount of vehicles created to almost 50,000.
The U.S. Army gave AM General an added agreement in 1994. The most recent U.S. Military contract, awarded in 2000 through 2009, has triggered the creation of over 65,000 added Humvees through 2007. More than 200,000 vehicles are assembled and sent to the U.S. Military and much more than 50 friendly foreign countries.
Recently, Humvees have played significant roles in the Balkans, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. 
First HUMMER out of their new South Bend facility
AM General rolled the first HMMWV (aka., on January 2, 1985. HUMMER) off the assembly line of these new South Bend facility.
In 1992, AM General began creation of variants of the Humvee, known as the HUMMER for civilian use. Called "the world's most serious 4x4," the car has found favor with industrial customers who value the worth of HUMMER's longevity and astonishing functionality, and persons who seek the greatest in toughness and freedom.
General Motor Products begins creation of diesel engines.
GM begins advertising H2 and HUMMER H1.
In December 1999, General Motors Corporation and AM General finalized an agreement to collectively pursue goods, advertising and supply chances for HUMMER. General Motors got the exclusive possession of the HUMMER brand-name globally and also the present HUMMER was renamed the HUMMER H1. In 2002, AM General began assembling the HUMMER H2, a fresh "next generation" sport-utility vehicle created by GM, in a fresh factory in Mishawaka. General Motors now has responsibility for distributing and advertising all HUMMERs. They don't possess any portion of AM General, although General Motors got the brand.
In April 2002, AM General was transformed into a limited-liability company.
In August 2004, Forbes & MacAndrews Holdings and the Renco Group announced the creation and capitalization of the enterprise to possess AM General LLC.
GM has responsibility for distributing and advertising all HUMMERs.
AM General also provides components and instruction support for many of its goods and its particular Product Development Center and Engineering provides systems technical support for many military vehicle systems along with the Humvee.
Throughout eight decades of increase, AM General has built a reputation as the world leader within the engineering, design and creation of military and special-purpose vehicles.
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