Started in 1929 as KIM, or Communist Youth International, the plant became MZMA (Moscow Small-car Factory) in 1939, before eventually changing its name for the more familiar Avtomobilny Zavod imeni Leninskogo Komsomola (AZLK), actually "Leninist Communist Youth League Automobile Factory" in 1969.
From 1939, the factory's passenger vehicles were marketed under the Moskvitch ("Muscovite") brand. The plant was initially under the power of Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod (GAZ - Gorky Car Factory) started at about exactly the same time, however, by 1939 it was operationally independent.
AZLK's role under the Soviet system was the creation of little automobiles, which might be categorized as everywhere from compact to midsize. IZh and avtoVAZ were also charged with creating vehicles in exactly the same class as AZLK, while GAZ handled the fullsize section and large-car.
Following privatization in 1991, AZLK adopted Moskvitch as its company name, because it had been already applied on all the organization's autos dating to 1939.
1929 1941
The building of the plant called Moscow Auto Assembly Factory started in 1929. In 1930 the creation of Ford An and Ford AA from components which were supplied by Ford Motor Company started. In December 1930 the plant was named KIM - Communist Youth International, literally "Factory named after Communist Youth International"), from 1930 to 1939 its official name was Moscow Auto Construction Factory named after KIM then from 1939 until the start of the Great Patriotic War it was called Moscow Vehicle Factory named after KIM. In 1933 the creation of Ford AA and Ford A ended. On August 1, 1933, the factory created GAZ AA using components from GAZ and became a subsidiary company of GAZ. In 1939 KIM was not the subsidiary of GAZ. In 1940 KIM began to make their first own version, the KIM 10 50 (twodoor saloon) based in the Ford Prefect. There is also a convertible named KIM 10 51. Around 500 vehicles KIM 10 51 and both KIM 10 50 were produced before the start of the Great Patriotic War. In the 1941 about 2 prototypes of KIM 10 52 were assembled. It ended up being a saloon that was the important distinction between KIM 10 50 and KIM 10 52. There were plans for mass-production of the vehicle however they were interrupted by the start of the war.
Postwar years
In-may 1945 the Council of Individuals's Commissars of the USSR adopted a decision to the creation of little cars "Moskvich". The plant was renamed in the "Small auto plant" (PCA), and after again renamed to "Moscow plant of little cars" (MZMA). In 1947 the plant began the serial production of "Moskvich-400" passenger-car. This version was created around the bottom of German Opel Kadett (1938). In 1954 MZMA begun to make "Moskvich-401" upgraded auto.
PostSoviet period
In the early '90s AZLK still remained among the biggest auto companies within the USSR. Experimental work and design was ready to make a fresh model vehicle (sedan M - 2142) and an engine plant.
However, following the failure of the USSR and economical chaos plant was in a situation of catastrophe. Due to the place, the plant was in an even more exposed situation than businesses located in other areas, because the expense of living and auto production in Moscow started to grow fast.
The plant stopped production of autos in 2001. In following years, process documentation, all process equipment, and even infrastructural equipment of the plant were entirely lost. It was eventually closed in 2010.
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