Acadian was a model of car made by General Motors of Canada from 1962 to 1971. Because the Pontiac Tempest was unavailable in Canada, to ensure Canadian PontiacBuick dealers could have a version to market the Acadian was released. Programs initially called for the Acadian to be dependent on the Chevrolet Corvair, which was created at GM's Oshawa plant; nevertheless, the theory was transferred to the Chevy II stage to be introduced for 1962. The manufacturer was likewise provided in Chile, with versions assembled in Arica.
Initially, Acadians were retrimmed Chevy IIs, topline Beaumont and offered as a base version, midpriced Invader. The vehicle used Pontiac styling cues like a split grille but was advertised as a different make, much less a Pontiac. Despite really being a Canadian only make, the Acadian was never made in Canada, including all creation taking place within america.
There is a selection of transmission, contingent on the version and engine installed, 4 and 3 speed manual gearboxes or the 2 - speed Powerglide automatic.
Its gas tank held 13.5 imperial gallons.
The instrument panel was used by the interior in the American Pontiac Tempest / LeMans / GTO set. As were product offers, drivetrains were just like the modern Chevelle. Such a version was never accessible within the Chevelle line. All Beaumonts and Acadians used Chevrolet engines and drivelines. 
Sport Deluxe
During the muscle-car craze within the late sixties, Chevrolet Chevelle offered SS396 versions and the Super Sport that offered bucket seats, high-performance, and sport stripes. In Canada, Beaumont provided an identical version, the Activity Deluxe, or SD. For 1966, the Sport Deluxe was joined with the Chevrolet 396 cubicinch Mark IV bigblock V8, along with exactly the same bucket seats/console bundle since the Chevelle SS396, along with exceptional sport stripes, trimming, and SD396 symbols. Because it's much more uncommon, many collectors think about the Beaumont SD396 even more desired than the Chevelle SS396. Several Acadians and Beaumonts succumbed to tough Canadian winters, struggling with rust and mechanical wear and tear, leaving very few first specimens left, besides the truth that creation was considerably lower than equal Chevy models.
Top functionality choice for the Canso SD was Chevy's 350-bhp 327 cubicinch L79 smallblock V8, plus a fourspeed manual, or Powerglide automatic transmission.
Through the late sixties, the Beaumont was also obtainable in Puerto Rico. There is really a Beaumont Cafeteria that has been colocated with the local Beaumont dealer in San Juan.
The Acadian continued utilizing the Chevy II/Nova body through mid1971, and it had been replaced by the Pontiac Ventura II. General Motors would not advertise another manufacturer before the start of Passport beginning in the 1989 model-year.
From 1976 to 1987, the Pontiac Acadian was a variant of the Chevrolet Chevette offered by Canadian PontiacBuick dealers, initially just like the Chevette with the exception of badging but picking up the clearly "Pontiac" design cues of the U.S. marketplace Pontiac T1000 next model's 1981 launch.
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