Adler was a motorcycle maker and German car from 1900 until 1957. 
The Adler factory created typewriters, bikes, and bikes in addition to vehicles. Many sporting events were won by these cars, driven by Erwin Kleyer and Otto Kleyer (sons sons the company founder Heinrich Kleyer NNP Alfred Theves Alfred Theves. In the 1920s, Karl Irion raced many Adlers; popular versions of the interval contained the 1550 cc, 2298 cc, and the 2580 cc sixcylinders and 4700 cc fourcylinders. Some of the Standard versions, constructed between 1927 and 1934, featured Gropius designed coachwork. The Typical 6, first observed in public places in the Berlin Motor Show in October 1926 was the first European vehicle to utilize if it was fitted with an ATE - Lockheed system, hydraulic brakes. 1927 to 1929 Clarenore Stinnes was the first ever to circumnavigate the planet by auto, within an Adler Standard 6.
In the very first months of 1931, a lightweight Volkswagen prototype was constructed by Ganz at Adler with a midmounted engine, a tubular chassis, and independent wheel suspension with swing - axles at the back. After completion in-may 1931, Ganz nicknamed his new image Maikafer (May Beetle). Following a shift in direction at Adler, additional improvement of the Maikafer was ceased because the firm's new technical director Hans Gustav Rohr concentrated on frontwheel driven vehicles.
In the 1930s, the organization introduced frontwheel drive Trumpf and TrumpfJunior versions, ranging from 995 cc to 1645 cc fourcylinder sv engines. Many successes were gained by these in races, including in the Le Mans race. The past new-car introduced by Adler was the 2.5 Liter of 1937; it had a sixcylinder engine creating 58 hp (43 kW). Because of a streamlined body created by Paul Jaray, this car could operate at 125 km/h (78 mph).
After WWII, a choice was made not to restart car construction. Bike production resumed in 1949 and continued for 8 years, resulting in the creation of the MB 250S. Within the Allies war reparations, Adler bike designs were taken by BSA in UK and afterwards employed by the British business Ariel to create their 'Arrow' and 'Leader' versions. Increasingly, Adler focused in the fabrication of office products.
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