Adolphe Saurer

 Adolph Saurer AG was an Arbon, Switzerland (Swiss), based maker of trucks and under, buses the Saurer and beginning (Berna in 1929) trade names, and active between 1903 and

Saurer was too well-known throughout Europe in the past few years between World War I and WWII (1918 1939).
Saurer ran subsidiary companies in Austria (1906 1959, ultimately taken over by SteyrDaimler-Puch), France (1910 1956, taken over by Unic), the UK (1927 1931, taken over by Armstrong Whitworth), and in Germany (1915 1918, taken over by GUY).
In Italy, Officine Meccaniche (OM) was for a long time licensee of Saurer engines and other mechanical models, that they found in their particular varieties of truck and . buses
In Poland the stateowned Panstwowe Zaklady Inzynieryjne created licensebuilt Saurer engines (powering, amongst others, the 7TP and 9TP tanks) and coach chassis found in the Zawrat bus.
Saurer trucks were created across the past few years into four elementary ranges:
A-kind (1918)
B-type (1926)
C-type (1934)
D-type (1959)
It was the B-type that established Saurer's worldwide standing as contractor of longlasting trucks.
In 1929 Saurer got its Swiss competition, Motorwagenfabrik Berna AG of Olten, but the Berna name was permitted to continue, badging the same Saurer versions.
From 1932 on, trolleybuses were a quite important section of Saurer creation. Saurer trolleybuses worked in many of Central Europe states, and still get it done in many of these.
In 1951 Saurer and its Italian licensee, OM, reached an arrangement where Saurer would advertise in Switzerland OM's mild and mediumweight trucks and buses, utilizing Saurer-OM and Berna-OM badges. This is successful and lasted till Saurer close.
Four years later, in 1987, a version 10DM furnished to the Swiss Army intended the last Saurer truck made ever.
In 1982 DaimlerBenz had got a significant shareholding in NAW and quickly took complete control; and in a brief period dropped Saurer, Berna and FBW brands, while using the NAW premises to put together heavy haulage variants of MercedesBenz trucks.
The cloth and automotive spinoffs
His position had been previously abandoned by him with its then important shareholder: BB Industrie Holding AG (22%)., to restructure this conglomerate. The previous important investor, Tito Tettamanti, of the conglomerate, founded in 1853, specialized in textile machines and "propulsion technology", had got the chief challenger in every field, Schlafhorst, with a big production capacity excess and Ghidela.
Saurer AG was led actively by thomke until 1996, when he retired to the path of the Board until 1999. More than half the earnings via Schlafhorst, upon its good restructuring.
A Doflug D-3802A driven by a Saurer YS-2 aeroengine.
Aero engines
Oerlikon Textile
Since 2007, the conglomerate Saurer AG, which meanwhile had achieved a global top standing in textile machinery[citation needed], is incorporated into the Oerlikon Company (see: [1] Oerlikon Textile)
Oerlikon - Saurer Textile is a maker of techniques for texturizing, spinning, twisting and embroidery.
Oerlikon-Saurer "Graziano Trasmissioni
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