Agrale is a Brazilian maker of scooters, bikes, military vehicles, commercial vehicles, engines and agricultural tractors. It's located in Caxias do Sul, within the area of Rio Grande do Sul. Founded in 1962, the brand's present model lineup contains the Marrua SUV and pick-up truck. Tractors include both selfdeveloped versions, and types based on Zetor designs.
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The organization was originally called AGRISA, and assembled AGRISA-Bungartz tractors under permit of the Germanbased Bungartz business. 
Agrale tractor 4300
400 Series - The first tractors were created by versions 420 and 415, 416. The 420 version 4100 gave rise to the next chain, being created before the present day with different changes, largely cosmetic.
Presently, the 4100 stays in creation with designs 4118, 4230, 4240, featuring variations 4X2, 4X4 and industrial, the latter with optional motor Gas. Also the main line, tractors load model based on 4230.4 (4x4 variant of the model 4230).
5000 Series
6000 Series - It includes three versions with 4x4 traction:
Collection BX - created from the '90s and resulted in the existing 5000 and 6000.
The very first trucks were versions Texas-1100 Texas-1200 and Texas-1600, designed with MWM 229.3 of three cylinders, or Agrale M-790 double-cylinder. The trucks were also made in booze and petrol versions, using the fourcylinder engine GM Opal. Agrale presently creates trucks ranging from 6000 to the PBT 20000 kg, lately with the CA13000 6x2. Fiber made in booths, ensuring durability, strength, thermal and acoustic insulation, often the metal cupboards.
Agrale now provides a comfort and competent protection, consequently, developed a broad variety of chassis and Rear-engine Sophisticated, lowfloor (low entrance) or semilow which ensures better availability for those who have reduced mobility.
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