Almac automobiles can be part of Almac Strengthened Plastics Ltd fibre-glass product production a business founded in 1971 by Alex McDonald. Jem Marsh started the Marcos car business.
First vehicle
In those days the most typical kit cars in NZ were Beach Buggies according to a Volkswagen chassis plus a wedge-shaped sports-car, the Australian Purvis Eureka. In 1976 McDonald start creating a sports-car, similar in form for the 1974 Lotus Elite and according to a Volkswagen chassis. No additional versions were created.
Almac 427
McDonald's buddies suggested he produce a duplicate auto rather as Volkswagen-based kit cars were achieving their conclusion. With a plastic kitset design and photos, with the assistance of George Ulyate, McDonald produced scale drawings and began work on the replica Shelby Cobra 427. McDonald contracted Graham Berry of Berry Cars Restricted to make the chassis along with the very first vehicle was demonstrated in the 1984 National Hot-rod Show. Seventeen vehicles were sold that year. About 200 are created.
Almac TC
The vehicle was loosely founded in the MG-TC. It wasn't a duplicate and made to suit a Triumph Herald chassis. Twentyfive kits were offered in a couple of years.
McDonald also started to create turn-key versions with this car. 
The specs for one possessed by Mike Boven in comparison with a TG of Roy Hoares:
TC - Roy Hoares
Got 1995 2002
Span 3660mm 3660mm
Width 1600mm 1600mm
Height 1240mm 1240mm
Wheelbase 2400mm 2400mm
Track 1360mm 1360mm
Brakes Drum Front/Back Disk front/Drum back
Chair 2 2
Kerb Weight 590 kg 590 kg
Almac TG
Creation and work started in the TG in 1988. The very first kits went on-sale in 1989. The TG version didn't sell in addition to the TC and need tapered off after about sixteen was created.
Producer Almac
Production 2004
Forerunner Almac Sabre
Category Twoseater sports coupe
Body design fibreglass body
Platform tubular space-acclaim chassis
Transmission Fivespeed manual, Toyota Supra
Wheelbase 2300mm
Length 4050mm
Width 1830mm
Kerb weight 1175kg
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