Antonio Carraro

1910 Giovanni Carraro: the Innovator
Obstinate in character, gifted with a remarkable intuition and organizational capacities. In 1910, in the youthful age of 20, the black smith Giovanni Carraro participated in the very first industrial exhibition in Padua. He brought with him a device which could concurrently plough, sow, harrow and roll. This first, or among the very first multipurpose machines ever assembled earned him special acknowledgement. Since that time, the strategy which has directed the technological and entrepreneurial choices of the Carraro family is embodied within the notion of the tractor.
The six kids that his wife Leonilde and Giovanni had grew up with this particular creative skill and feeling of instinct as well as their youth was marked by the beating of the hammer within the period less heat of the smithy. Quickly the sons started to help their dad in his own work and shared his success. Antonio was one, and he was destined to keep and rejuvenate the household's entrepreneurial tradition.
1950's onwards the arrival of Antonio Carraro
The course was now well established. Following a growth of the sowing machines, the household's business experiences an amazing success. During the 1950s, about the effectiveness of the knowledge gathered, the very first Giovanni Carraro tractors are created. 1960 Antonio Carraro separates from his brothers and founds the business "Antonio Carraro di Giovanni", not building tractors and sowing machines, but singleaxle tractors. Currently a little development happens, using the use of rear or front carriages that enables the job to be achieved from the sitting position without treading in the cultivated earth, and finally a rear buggy tractor is developed, and also the vehicle receives the shape of the little tractor with 4 equivalent driving wheels. 1961 is the season if the SCARABEO was developed. Its title is really a sign of power and reincarnation. Within this decade the business experiences a powerful increase. The distribution throughout Europe continues to increase. Most of the present Antonio Carraro dealers begin to take root within this interval. In 1964 the job for a little tractor with original features takes shape: articulated and with as much as 20-hp. This is actually the famed Tigre, originator of the glorious lineage with new versions being added through the glorious 60's, 1970's and 1980's.
The growth & modernization of Antonio Carraro continues thorugh the 1970's, 80's 90's and to the brand new century.
Constantly creating and growing Antonio Carraro enlarged the assembly lines and then established the Analysis and Research Center (CSR) within the 1970's. A fresh process of design is so released. After decades of investment and development, the fresh generation procedures achieves the highest standards in quality, energy, style as well as nature. Relaxation and the body that signify the maximum amount within the investigation is of an average Italian design, universally valued globally.
An unique design, a strategy, continuous growth.
History, Style as well as method: Antonio Carraro's added value could be summed up in these three phrases. Its fashion, history as well as strategy are actual elements which make it distinctive and famous amongst present day tractor producers. Antonio Carraro's long history bears witness to the continuity, dependability and autonomy. The business continues to boom and grow by adopting the capability to hear and understand, provide aid, training, competence. Style also means thoughts, design and applied engineering Antonio Carraro designs its products with the notion of enhancing the caliber of the end-user's operating environment. Antonio Carraro dedicates all its own energy into enhancing itself, following original designs, favoring performance, ergonomics, comfort and style quality even at the cost of cost, without making compromises in order to decrease prices and without being a slave to fashion.
The start of the brand-new millennium marks a significant moment within the background of Antonio CARRARO S.p.A. Following a period of internal restructuring, the business is prepared to undertake new and fresh problems. The effects of large investment completed before joining the Euro-zone (more than 20 billion lire) shows itself in the start and consolidation of the ERGIT Series, the new 14,000 m2 manufacturing unit, the job of 100 new employees and also the strengthening of the CSR, Antonio CARRARO's Centre for R & D.
An investment strategy has been setup to rationalize the advertisement and manufacturing locations with the assistance of Porsche from Stuttgart: The Japanese method "Kaizen" (which literally means "change for the better") which has always been adapted by Toyota has delivered to the business new thoughts regarding transparency, union and pace to the production lines; the result as an instant reduction in prices and betterment of the merchandise's closing quality along with providing the operators new skills and responsibility and hence a rise in manufacturing.
They've never benefited from a committed tractor professional although Antonio Carraro tractors were accessible in the United Kingdom for several years. January 2005 marked the start of only such a connection. Riko UK Ltd established Carraro UK, a department of the business focused on developing the UK marketplace.
'It makes me really happy to be working with Antonio Carraro, when people ask me why I let them know the response is easy; 'Antonio Carraro continues to invest heavily in meeting the requirements of the changing market and ensuring the product range really has the possibility to execute all sectors of the marketplace. AC may be the most professional as it pertains to advertising and brand image. Together it's why AC is the main global company of this kind of tractor'.
'When you join Antonio Carraro it's similar to joining a family. With AC it's a manufacturer and a picture, not only a tractor. The only aim of Carraro UK will help meet peoples want not to possess only any tractor however a tractor produced by Antonio Carraro'.
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