The Ariel Atom is really a powerful sports-car made by the business Ariel Motor Company, located in Somerset, England. This vehicle can be, made under licence within america by Brammo Motorsports and today by TMI AutoTech Inc. To date there were 3 variants of this special automobile: Ariel Atom Ariel Atom Ariel Atom 3 and 2. The Ariel Atom out for the high energy but also due to the low weight, since this car weighs only 456 kg, "If it's not crucial, it is": This may be the greatest which purchased the Ariel Motor Company engineers to create the Atom, a high efficiency design, but with a seemingly humble mechanics. This enables you to really handle highperformance automobiles, not their velocity, but just has a maximum point de249km / h in its greatest, but its acceleration because it reaches 100km / h in 2.7 seconds. Therefore, the Ariel Atom can cope with Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and etc.

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