Arrol Johnston

Arrol Johnston
Even before the First-world War, Scottish vehicle producers faced the task of convincing clients that automobiles might be constructed in England and in Scotland. And familiarity with American auto construction approaches, using assembly lines, was spreading to Europe. Within this useful source excerpt, one of Scotland's leading automobile manufacturers promises that by simply making use of a blend of craft skills and contemporary production line procedures, he is able to build vehicles in a decent cost that lots of families could manage. He promises the cars coming from the factory he's created, will be neither luxurious nor cheaply mass-produced American design.
Built Scotland 1912. This is Arrol-Johnston's most famous prewar version.
1913 Address given by Thomas Pullanger, Arrol-Johnstone's General Manager, in the launch of a recent Scottish car factory. He was dispelling doubts which were raised with a favorite motoring magazine, which had questioned whether cars should be assembled everywhere aside from the Midlands.
"We have created our auto plant here since the circumstances are conducive to the well-being of the employees. The garbage are simple to get for fabrication. The amenities for the dispatch of finished products are unrivalled and there's not a problem with obtaining employees. I will prefer to pay high tribute to Mr William Beardmore, who has generously permitted me to get my very own way in constructing this factory and was always prepared to back me up for the complete.
I have, I confess, adopted some American approaches, in as far as they'll help reduce prices for the client. However quality will be preeminent. Indeed, we mean neither to construct a vehicle for the millionaire nor by the million, but for the person of average means."
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