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This section provides access to the vehicles and vehicles produced under the title of the Ascari motor-car business. An on-line guide for automobile enthusiasts covering new and old automobiles and vehicles. You'll love this site if you enjoy auto discussion then! A free, on-line resource with business info and details regarding the cars and vehicles produced by the Ascari motor-car company.
Founding of the Ascari motor-car business
The Ascari car company was set up in 1995. This famed car manufacturer relies in Banbury, England. The business is British and it was set up by a guy called Klaas Zwart. The Ascari motor-car business is a maker of street and cars including models for example FGT, Ecosse, KZ1, A10, and the Ascari A410 - Le Mans Prototype.
History of Ascari motor-car business
The Ascari car company was named after Alberto Ascari, the very first double world Formula 1 winner. Albert Ascari had racing in his blood, created in Milano, Italy. His father Antonio Ascari in the 1920's was a Grand Prix racer for Alfa Romeo.
In 1995 Ascari vehicles were set up in England down in Dorset. In 1998 the firm started there first, limited-edition super auto, the Ascari Ecosse, produced by means of a group of dedicated race experts. This version wasw a midengine sports-car.
A fresh facility was constructed in Banbury in 2000 and was utilized to build up there second car the Ascari KZ1. This new facility was supposed to become the residence of Ascari's route and race surfaces of the business. This super-fast sports-car can achieve 201 mph! It could accelerate from 0 to 60 miles-per hour in only 3.7. That is an unique auto with only 50 in creation. The Ascari KZ1 is quite costly to have - around GBP235,000.
In 2000 to finish the Ascari encounter the first race resort was developed by the company on earth. Assembled in a lovely secluded valley within the south of Spain, together with the blend of encountering high velocity racing as well as the luxury of relaxing inside this contemporary resort. The future holds a luxurious resort for privileged visitors.
What versions and kinds of automobiles and autos can the Ascari motor-car business make?
The kinds and models of autos and automobiles made by the business include those detailed in these checklist. Whether you appreciate comparing cars and vehicles, desire to run some research before you purchase a fresh auto or an used vehicle or eventually an auto enthusiast who loves quick, trendy, new, old, vintage, classic, antique, sports, best, muscle or exotic cars we possess the information you're searching for for! Choose the auto you're interested in and follow the link for access to a review of this Ascari automobile with online facts, auto guides, info, data, specs, specifications, layout details and evaluations of automobiles and vehicles.
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