In 1962, among the means to abide its First FiveYear Economic Development Strategy, the Korean government passed a regulation exempting from taxes imported components to assemble KD automobiles locally.
 In 1965, as an effect of the inducements, was founded Asia Motor Industries, which initially was involved in making military vehicles. That year, but, the business began discussions with Fiat and in 1969 it started to gather Fiat 124 models.
 It diversified into the SUV and large vehicles industry, including big and medium-duty trucks, specific military vehicles, lightweight cars, civilian jeeps, motor-vehicle parts, to add engines, and buses and minibuses. 
In 1973, the South Korean authorities started a strategy to encourage the creation of lowcost automobiles for export. Asia Motors was not able to fill the strategy's problems and was purchased by Kia in 1976.
The Australian Asia Motors vendors, now an independent organization called Asia Motors Australia, continues to work with the Asia Motors name but now sources its goods elsewhere.
Asia Motors Sectors, as Asia Motors traded, was a South Korean vehicle maker closed in 1999 and established in 1965. Since 1976, it was a subsidiary company of Kia Motors.
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