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Although BMW's present fame and standing as among the biggest automobile manufacturers could be largely linked to models created in the past twenty years, the marque's history of the expand more than 90 years and comprises numerous achievements which have fixed it as a standard.


The business particularized in engines for airplane yet Rapp found they were debatable and had a very strong vibration. 


Due to the engines, RMW (Rapp Motoren Werke) secured a contract with AD (Austro Daimler), who had been not able to fulfill its demands, to construct V12 Aero engines under permit. The business expanded too fast, nevertheless, and by 1916 Rapp re-signed from the business due to fiscal problems. In his own area Max Friz and Franz-josef Popp, two Austrians, took on the business.


In 1919, having an airplane powered by its own successor, the Kind 4, F.Z.Diemer establish an altitude record of 9,750 m. (about 32,013 feet). More than 28 world records in aviation were set together, when BMW started once more to construct aircraft engines in 1922. The BMW's emblem, introduced in 1920, made on the basis of the design of an aircraft's propeller.


The first BMW bike, the Kiminas-32, went in to production in 1923 at the newly built Eisenach factory near the Munich airport of the day. The Kiminas-32 used a flattwin engine transversely mounted in a double-tubular framework creating 8.5 hp at 3300 rpm. The 2-cylinder 494cc bike could reach a high rate of 59 miles / hour (about 95 km/h). BMW made 3090 of these throughout its 3 year life span.


The Datsun along with it was assembled under licence from Austin and was basically the same version as the UNITED STATES Bantam. The initial Dixis used an open roof and were powered with a 743cc 4 cylinder engine creating 15 hp. Top speed was in the neighborhood of 50 miles / hour (about 80 km/h)


1932 was the season the BMW AM 4. BMW's first "real" auto - went into creation. The AM 4, also known as the 3/20 PS, was the successor to the very first production car along with the Dixi to be assembled completely inhouse by BMW.


The following year mark ed the introduction of the 303 saloon along with the initial BMW inlinesix cylinder power unit, a configuration that stays BMW's typical alternative even in modern automobiles. The 303 was also the initial BMW to utilize the double-kidney shaped radiator grilles, yet another cur rent brand. Its 1173cc engine supplied 30 hp plus a top rate of 57 mph (about 90 km/h).


It had been the most famous and stays BMW's most renowned prewar sports car, the successor to the 315/1 (1934 36). A curb weight of just 1830 lb was attained through using an extralight tubular spaceframe and light alloy components for the doors, hood and tail end. Utilizing a 1971cc inline-6 cylinder engine with three carburettors that created a healthy 80 hp at 5000 rpm, the 328 could accomplish a maximum rate of 94 mph (about 150 km/h). 462 units of the classic were created as a whole.


In 1935 BMW entered the record books once more, this time around on two wheels. Riding a streamlined 500cc compressor machine developing 108 hp and an astonishing power-to-weigh ratio (282 pound curb weight), Ernst Henne establish some sort of speed record for bikes of 173 miles per hour (about 279 km/h) in 1937. It stood for almost two decades.


BMW 501 BMW's success was regrettably short lived. Following the 2nd World War, the business lay in ruins. Its factories were destroyed or dismantled plus a prohibition on any production activities was imposed by the Allies in a reaction to the production of rockets and aircraft engines by BMW throughout the War. The very first post war version, the V8 equipped 501 luxurious sedan made in 1951 was a bad generation option for a nation which was likewise devastated by the war.


It absolutely was a completely different strategy that began to bring BMW straight back on its feet. In 1955, the Isetta 250 was started and participated very successfully in the minicar age of the 1950's. It had been assembled under licence from the Italian maker Iso and used a bike engine plus just one door in the leading. The engine was a single cylinder 245cc unit creating 12 hp at 5800 rpm plus a top rate of 54 mph (about 85 km/h).


A few years later, with BMW still having no protected financial foothold, certainly one of the very memorable versions in its history was introduced. Started in 1956, the BMW 507 fast became renowned. The 2 - door bodyshell with a soft top, designed by Alberecht Graf Foertz, has remained ageless as evidenced by the just introduced Z8, which draws its general shape and unmistakable hints from this. A big 3168cc V8 engine using double downdraught carburettors powered the supplied and 507 150 hp at 5000rpm, enough for a remarkable 124 mph top speed (about 200 km/h) but maybe not enough to topple its chief competition, the Mercedes 300SL. While just 252 examples of the immediately identifiable 507 were ever created, it remains a symbol of BMW's struggles and greatest triumphs throughout the fifties following the end of the War.


The next phase in BMW's development along with the predecessor to the automobiles we know now was started in 1962. The 1500, which had been developed throughout the crisis of the 1950s, was yet another of BMW's saviors. The dramatic design and suspension because of its time, utilizing a low waistline with a lowslung engine compartment and rear lid characterized the 1500. A 4 - cylinder engine creating 80 hp at 5700 rpm and supplying a top rate of 92 mph (about 148 km/h) powered it. Based on these sorts of cars, the very first generation 5 collection, the E12, was started ten years later in 1972.


1977. In 1990 BMW reentered the aircraft engine manufacturing business after forming BMW RollsRoyce GmbH collectively with Rolls-royce. In 1998, after discussions regarding the selling of Rolls Royce, BMW officially purchased the rights to the Rolls Royce name and symbol from Volkswagen, together with the transition anticipated to occur in 2003. 1994 brought about yet another purchase, as the Rover Group PLC was acquired by BMW. After significant losses, the business was eventually sold in 2,000, with Rover being split up from Land Rover that was bought by Ford. BMW held the rights to the brand new Mini and the hothatch goes for sale in early 


2002. Now, the Z8, Z3 and most of the 3, 5, 7 and Motorsport series models continue the BMW tradition of creating exceptional cars using a particular emphasis on performance, design and technological advancements. 1992 was when it, for the very first time, outsold Mercedes in Europe yet another year - to - beremembered for BMW. Hopefully as time goes on the competition between these and other makes will endure and businesses for example BMW will carry on to construct cars.


At the end of 2007, BMW Group take the Strategy # 1 with its four staffs: "Increase", "Shaping the future", "Profitability" and "Access to technology and clients". It aligns the BMW Group with two goals: to be prosperous and to accentuate longterm value in times of change. The mission statement up towards the year 2020 is clearly defined: the BMW Group is the world's leading supplier of premium products and premium services for individual movement.

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