In 1948, a peat extraction machines plant was built by the railroad station Zodzina.
In 1951 the plant was enlarged into the plant of highway construction and land enhancement machinery and renamed into "Dormash", an abbreviation for "doroznoe masinostroenie", "road construction machinery building".
Initially it created MAZ trucks.
In 1961 quarry dump truck and the first 27tonne BelAZ pit was made.
In 1990 a 280-tonne truck was made.
In 2001 the manager of BelAZ plant, Pavel Maryev, was given the order Hero of Belarus.
In 2005 plans were revealed for creation of BelAZ-75600 with 320 tonne capacity, ordered by Kuzbass mining.
In April 2012, BelAZ declared it would hold an IPO - the primary in Belarus.
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