The Arrival of an Enterprise
Growing up in Loomis, NE, Carl and Paul Bodine, two Swedish immigrants, were interested in town's first electrical generator. So that they started to send away for each available catalogue and booklet to discover more about this exciting "new" wellspring of power.
Some years later, together with the assurance of jobs in Chicago, the Bodines set-off with this blooming prairie metropolis.
While working various work within the electrical industry, the brothers spent their free time refining their motor design abilities in a small workshop at Mrs. Johnson's boarding house. 
Their first custom motor work came in, just a couple of years once they opened for business. He was so pleased with the altered "D" motor they supplied he suggested the young men to a leading dental equipment business. Their first large customer had been found by the Bodines!
The 20's: America Swings
By 1927, 63% of American families had electric power, and by 1929, it driven threefourths of American business. The very first consumer radios were introduced in 1920, and in ten years found a spot in over 12 million homes. Bodine entered the booming radio industry in 1924 using a specially constructed loop aerial antenna.
After extensive testing, Bodine engineers developed a silent, dependable turntable which kept a constant rate. In a year of its introduction, Bodine's RC10 motor maintained a fifth of the organization's revenue, with a lot of visiting the expanding new sound business. 
The Lean Years
The crash of the stock exchange in October of 1929 had a devastating effect on American life. Genius and American resourcefulness took over, while creation and incomes sank to record lows. Bodine's company fell dramatically between 1929 and 1933, however the firm was able to carry on. A deal to create motor components for Sunbeam's new food mixers provided jobs for factory workers, whilst the engineering team started to enhance existing motor designs.
Bodine's "N" motors were created during the early 1930s, and created a vital contribution to the fractional hp motor market. The brand new line was especially helpful for scientific instruments, driving office machines and recording gear. 
The War Years
World War II offered the U.S. market with a fresh sense of purpose. Electrical motors were crucial to military and industrial gear. But sadly, magnet wire, ball-bearings, steel, copper, and aluminum were all-in limited supply. Individuals were also in limited supply. Like a number of other makers, Bodine turned to girls to keep manufacturing running. By 1945, girls represented 45% of the organization's workforce. And also early 1940s weren't about military supplies. 
The Boom Years
The conclusion of WWII marked the start of an America. People had cash to spend, goods which were rare became abundant, and people were interested in devices and new devices. The most famous new merchandise of the late 1940s and early 1950s was, obviously, the tv. Electrical devices and appliances became a part of normal life, electrical energy-use increased by 333% between 1940 and 1954. Bodine discovered many new and enlarging markets, for instance, automated office products. Among the most important introductions was the "K-4" motor, used within the very first Royal electric typewriter. 
Bodine furnished the motor for the first of what was supposed to be named the "Xerox(registered company)" device
In the '60s, Bodine entered the fast developing electronic equipment field with a fresh type of silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) DC motor speed controls.
These effective new PMDC motors and gearmotors met business needs for a much more powerful and smaller DC motor, notably in programs like lift door openers and welding equipment.
We Generate the World's Top Products
From our first motor in 1905 to today's solar-powered motion-control solutions for the power market, Bodine has helped a large number of clients solve software problems, create gearmotor and drive solutions, and produce highquality products.
We're dedicated to creating new and better methods to place our merchandises to utilize in a broad variety of applications and industries. To preserve our leading part, we always assess each facet of our work. ISO 9001: 2008 our long-term commitment is further highlighted by certification of our quality management systems to constant development and to meeting the demands of the most demanding client applications.
Designing and highperformance products and making high quality is our passion for more than a century. We're pleased with our past, and we really look forward to the gearmotor layout challenges for the future.
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