Bukh History
BUKH's history in short:
When one discusses Bukh's background going back 100 years, one cannot help being amazed. Amazed by the truth that it is possible, but is still possible to create a Danish diesel-engine, which could compete in the market throughout the planet. 
Now Bukh engines are created in sizes from 10-48HP. The engines are major used in boats from 15 40 feet. They're also useful for pumps, generators etc. Bukh's engines are accepted as life boat engines by all leading insurance providers.
Johannes Gry and Jens Bukh commenced a business within the village called Hoerve.
Here they began to create wind mills and internal-combustion engines.
The fuel was kerosene and oil. In those days there is an important demand for engines both in agriculture and in a variety of business.
In 1910 they were prepared to market the primary diesel-engine without compressor. Production increased steadily.
1916 1927:
BUKH creates kinds A- and B-engines. 
BUKH creates the primary diesel-engine with direct fuel-injection.
Company speeds up. A.P. Moeller purchases the factory.
These engines are used throughout the planet.
1940 1945:
BUKH creates gasoline generators for all kinds of engines. These generators are created in enormous numbers.
1947 1955:
BUKH moves to an new created factory and begins to make tractors.
BUKH starts advertising the tractors DZ45 and DZ30. At exactly the same time BUKH creates marine engine sorts 3EV100 and EV100, 2EV100.
1959 1961:
1-2-3EV100's are modernized.
Jupiter, tractors Juno and Hercules are advertised.
Creation of tractors stops.
Marine diesels DV8(after DV10L) and DV18 are advertised.
Production almost ceases because of market conditions but proceeds.
Aabenraa Motorfabrik A/S creates 1-2000 BUKH-engines each year.
This is a number of BUKH's background. BUKH obviously has created a number of other activities than described here. Thats because 100 years in company is really a number of years.
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