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Caterham Cars is a maker of specialist lightweight sports cars located in Caterham, Surrey, United Kingdom. Their present model, the Caterham 7, is really a direct development of the Series 3 Lotus Seven initially started in 1973 and designed by Colin Chapman. In the 90's the business created the Caterham 21, a twoseater soft-top choice for the Lotus and MGF Elise. 
The car was instantly embraced by successful race-car and lovers for a lowcost, light-weight sports car. 
Caterham Cars was a leading Lotus 7 dealer during the 60's, and its own creator, Graham Nearn, bought the rights to carry on fabrication of the Seven design from Chapman in 1973, after Lotus announced its intent to discontinue the version. Caterham initially restarted fabrication of the Lotus Seven Series 4; nevertheless, while this proved unpopular, production changed to a Series 3 version in 1974.
In 1984 the firm launched its first Starter Package, meat for folks who wanted to cut costs and construct themselves to the vehicle. Where the Caterham 7 vehicles can be purchased as a CKD, whole kit to be constructed by owner, to today, the concept showed an effective one, at least in great Britain.
In 1987 the management and creation of the firm moved in town of Caterham, Surrey into a fresh factory in Dartford, Kent, United Kingdom. In 1989 the business built a Prisoner particular edition Caterham, during 1992 the auto set a fresh report for a production car 0-100-0 time with 250-hp 2.0liter Vauxhall motor.
Caterham did come up along with a version in 1994, that was the 21 roadster. Even though the car got favorable evaluations form the British automobile magazines and had an interior end and constructed quality exceeding the Lotus' and even TVRs of the mid 1990's, Caterham abandoned the job and returned to the Series 3 chassis. Only 48 Caterham 21 model vehicles were ever assembled, making them potential unique collectibles.
In 1993 the sixspeed manual gearbox was released alongside the "7" grille that became present on every version since.
Since 2006 Caterham Cars is run through an exLotus administration group headed by Mark Edwards and Ansar Ali. In June 2012 Ansar Ali declared he was supposed to leave Graham Mcdonald and Caterham Cars became the new CEO.
New history
As with its Lotus Seven precursors, Caterhams are built of aluminium sheet mounted on a tubular steel chassis. Wings and nosecone are either GRP or carbon-fibre according to specification. All Sevens are front-engined with two seats and rearwheel drive. Their exceptionally high performance is reached through lightweight (less than 500 kg on several variants) rather than especially strong engines. Too as a light-weight chassis and bodywork, Caterham Sevens attain their very-low mass through their dearth of comfort and security oriented features like a fixed-roof, doors, radio, air conditioner, air bags, grip/stability control, ABS, satellite navigation or cruise-control. 
Lotus and Chapman helped to initiate the British kit-car business. The Lotus Seven was given in kit form to enable purchasers to prevent new-car tax in britain. Subsequently Caterham continued offering automobiles in 'complete knock-down' kit form while the custom of hand making your own Seven was more successful amongst enthusiasts. Now, all Caterham Sevens continue to be extended in kit form in britain except the CSR design. Modern Caterham kits differ in nearly all package cars as all elements are provided ready to assemble, not needing a donor car, manufacture or some particular skills.
Caterham 7 Roadsport near Caterham South showroom
Export of the Seven to other markets has increasingly been restricted by homologation, safety and emissions rules within the current period, even though the Seven has ever been popular with lovers outside the UK market. As an effect, the chassis/engine combinations, specs, pricing and kitform accessibility vary widely between nations.
In America Caterhams are now offered as kits only, lacking some modern security features required of makers, but which aren't required for independently constructed vehicles. Purchasers can either decide to build the automobiles themselves or pay their regional dealers or local contractors to gather them. Often the transmission and motor are sourced singly for a device - frequently from Caterham - but other parts are given in kit form. In the '60s, the first Lotus Seven was offered just in kit form in both UK along with the US, to be able to evade the really high taxes on entire new automobiles which weren't determined on car components.
Until 1987 the offices, showroom and factory of Caterham Cars were found within town of Caterham, Surrey, United Kingdom.
In 1987, the management and creation of the firm moved into a fresh factory in Dartford, Kent, United Kingdom.
Caterham Cars kept servicing facility and a Caterham South showroom within town of Caterham adjoining to the railway station until February 2013. After the premises were sold for development along with the showroom relocated to temporary services in Crawley the Caterham car dealer closed.
In 2012 components of Caterham Cars moved into a fresh facility in Leafield where it's anticipated the new versions of automobiles to be created in the near future will probably be assembled and developed. The move to the new facility that was once employed by Super Aguri F1 team and Arrows F1 team, will even adapt Caterham F1 Team which went from its first foundation in Hingham Norfolk.
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