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DAF's source go back to 1928, once the brothers Wim van Doorne and Hub laid the basis for what now is the fastest-growing truck producer in Europe.

DAF Trucks is a technology business and the highest commercial trucks maker. 
DAF is a fully - owned subsidiary of PACCAR, the global quality leader in the manufacture of superior light,medium and heavyduty commercial trucks. 
DAF's engine factory,part plant, press store and final assembly line for CF and XF models are found in Eindhoven. Cabins and axles are created in Westerlo, Belgium. Leyland Trucks (PACCAR) creates the firm's LF series of light and medium duty trucks, in addition to CF and XFvehicles. 
All DAF products are of exceptional quality and developed for agreat variety of transportation applications. By constantly playing the client, DAF hasdeveloped an exciting variety of advanced products, focused on providing the lowest running costper kilometre in the business, exceptional transport efficiency and optimum comfort for the motorist.
A little history:
By 1928, the firm was doing so much business that it had a need to transfer to bigger premises in Pepper Road, Hunslet, Leeds.
In 1931 Pelican was made the state agent for Gardner oil engines affirming a partnership that will last for more than 60 years.
Between 1940 and 1931 the business carried out more than 800 conversions, replacing them with Gardner diesel engines and removing petrol engines from trucks and buses. Also throughout the thirties, Pelican became associated with Foden Trucks
of Sandbach, Cheshire whose vehicles were becoming an ever more common sight in the roads.
In 1934 Pelican became the state Yorkshire attempting to sell agent for Foden Trucks. Through the entire Second World War, Pelican worked almost completely for the Ministry of Defence, involved within the preparation and renovation of military trucks which meant the business had been able to develop further during these most challenging of that time period. By 1946 the company had outgrown the Pepper Road website and also the decision was taken up to go again, this time around to the old tram workshops at Bell Hill, Rothwell.
Ernest Crump's only son, Bob joined the business after finishing his national service in 1952. His job was made easier by the large motorway construction jobs of the fifties and sixties. Early sales success in these types of areas earned its reputation to Foden as the leading provider of vehicles to the construction industry.
1952. After six years of development, it was effective enough to acquire a favorable reaction from show visitors and also the Daf 600 Daffodil was launched on the marketplace in 1959 complete with it is Variomatic continuously variable transmission.
In 1954 Wim and Hub began development of the now notorious CVT Automatic / Variomatic transmission and in 1958 introduced the DAF 600 auto with the transmission and a 600 cc aircooled motor. The DAF 600 was created from 1958 through 1963.
The automobile was exported throughout Europe and to america. Very few instances of the DAF 600 remain now regardless of the proven fact that around 30, 591 automobiles were assembled.
In 1968, the DAF 55 was started which used the Renault 1108cc watercooled engine. This auto shared the same fundamental bodyshell as the 44. With the addition of the larger engine, DAF appealed to more clients.
DAF continued with the autos alongside the 55 and then after the 66, which replaced the 55 in 1972.
In 1972 DAF discontinued production of 55 and the 44 and introduced the DAF 66 equipted with 1300cc & 1100cc water-cooled Renault motors coupled with the transmission. The more strong and completely redesigned DAF proved to be success with the people. Sales and production amounts were astounding, about 138, 840 units were sold and assembled between 1972 and 1975. 
The DAF 66 was designed with the notion of returning to america marketplace and it encompassed most of the safety features needed for importation. Regrettably, the 1973 gas war put an end to that particular strategy and so they never reached our shores. In Addition, this year DAF developed the brand new DAF 77 prototype. The 77 was a revolutionary design, so unlike every other DAF assembled. Development of the model continued for 3 years and in 1975 it had been prepared for creation.
1974 saw the launch of yet another version to the DAF
lineup. This is the Kind 46 which featured a Dion back separate axle plus just one belt Variomatic transmission. The final of the old DAF style autos were now history. Are a thing of days gone by. cars even though DAF continues to make trucks for this day under the PACCAR Company (an USA based truck manufacturer who also creates the Peterbilt trucks Freightliner and)
In 1980 Foden went in to receivership and was afterwards purchased by the American multi-national PACCAR. PACCAR possessed Peterbilt and Kenworth in United States and wanted to grow into the European marketplace. Following the first doubt enclosing the takeover assurance was restored as PACCAR started to get in the foreseeable future of Foden. The organization was steadily capable enough to improve its Foden business within the eighties culminating within the selling of the record 350 Fodens in
1989. In 1991, Pelican took on a Seddon Atkinson chief dealership that was managed as another business, Knottingley Trucks from premises in Knottingley hamlet.
In 1996 Bob Crump chose to settle for a simpler life and handed over get a grip on to his son Richard who at present manages the business.
In 2003, Pelican bought the assets and property of Linpac DAF at Sherbern - in - Elmet and transferred that company to the Castleford site, creating certainly one of the biggest single site truck companies in Yorkshire. In 2005 PACCAR determined to discontinue production of Foden vehicles, just 150 years after Foden was first started, and as a consequence of the choice, Pelican went into the supply and selling of Hino trucks which presently has mostly replaced the Foden company.
The close on Seddon Atkinson in 2006 coincided with the business starting a fresh MAN Truck & Bus car dealer which shares the same facilities with the Kubota engine agencies and Deutz acquired at the same time.
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