Fabryka Samochodow Osobowych, as FSO generally known, is really a Polish automobile manufacturer, situated in Warsaw.
The beginnings
The first FSO car was the Warszawa, made under the Soviet GAZM20 Pobeda licence.
In 1953, an inhouse staff began development of the smaller, popular car, causing the second FSO model, a twostroke Syrena, launched in 1957. The Syrena was a proprietary model of FSO; its creation was next transferred to FSM car factory.
Polski Fiat and Polonez age
Polonez Kombi
Particularly, the Fiat 125 was supposed to be made at FSO to change the aged Warszawa. It was likewise created in estate vehicle and pick-up versions. Meanwhile, the Warszawa was made concurrently until 1973.
The Polonez was also exported to numerous markets under the FSO manufacturer. This version was initially to swap all versions of the initial 1500, but both versions were updated several times throughout that interval, and really the creation of the latter lasted until 1991.
June 1991 the Fiat Polski 125P was created until 26. In total, 1,445,689 were produced. By that point the style was 24 years old and used mechanicals that were basically 30 years old, with only small developments.
Daewoo age
Following the structural transformations of 1989, the Polish authorities sought to privatise the FSO by creating a partnership with the international automaker. Despite dialogues and several efforts, this is false for several years. The very first fullfledged endeavor began in 1994, when an arrangement with GM was signed to assemble Opel Astra in Zeran. Nonetheless, this year FSO was sold for the Korean Daewoo Motors, which was then a challenger of General Motors. The business was subsequently renamed DaewooFSO.
Initially, Daewoo used FSO to assemble models for example Daewoo Espero and Daewoo Tico. In 1997, the construction and then fullfledged creation of Daewoo Lanos commenced, followed in 1999 from the Daewoo Matiz. The creation of Polonez was kept, the version was modernized and new body designs were added. Nonetheless, waning demand-led FSO to discontinue Polonez creation in 2002.
Meanwhile, where in fact the creation of Opel Astra was relocated in 1998, General Motors chose to construct their particular factory in Poland, in Gliwice. GM's assembly-line at FSO was then employed for a brief period to assemble Opel Vectra for the local industry and then turn off entirely, stopping the relationship with GM.
Post-Daewoo FSO
FSO Ogar
Daewoo went broke in 2000, resulting in an acute deterioration of FSO's standing in the business. Daewoo Motors was bought out by GM, but foreign production subsidiaries including DaewooFSO are not part of the offer. Therefore, FSO became de-facto independent again.
Through extended discussions, the Polish government guaranteed FSO the rights to make and market the Matiz and the Lanos until 2007. Nonetheless, FSO did not hold the resources to upgrade the versions, so they immediately became less and less appealing. In Addition, Daewoo's fall caused buyers to eventually become wary of Daewoo vehicles. FSO discovered redemption within the market, where Lanos and Matiz, assembled by the local partner AvtoZAZ, became extremely popular. In 2004, DaewooFSO was renamed FSO again.
Finally, FSO entered negotiations with the British MG Rover, however, as negotiations advanced it became clear the British business didn't possess the resources to finish the offer despite recommendations of the participation of and Chinese partner. MG Rover went into administration in 2005, putting a finish to any hopes associated with it.
The business slowly became the majority shareholder of FSO, while simultaneously strengthening the co-operation between ZAZ and FSO. UkrAVTO proposed it will give a fresh version for the FSO to make following the Lanos and Matiz permits expire.
For the creation of the Aveo a fresh business was formed, whose investors were General Motors and FSO; FSO provided the plant, while the finances were provided by GM. 
The permit for the creation of Aveo expired in February 2011 and it wasn't resumed for the following generation version. By March 2011 over 1,800 workers were made redundant and also the property which the factory was constructed was offered on the market.
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