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The French business Facel (Forges et Ateliers de Construction expected's et Loire) was initially founded in 1938 as a maker of metal items for the aircraft market. 
In these days, the business was under the direction of Jean Daninos.
Jean Daninos had always dreamt of making his own layout of super-car; the "Grand Routier" or quite simply, a luxury, comfy and practical 4-man sports-car. 1954 saw this dream become possible with all the launch of the first-ever Facel car on the market, the Facel Vega FV1, designed with a strong and reliable American V8 Chrysler motor...
The Facel Vega's were costly and extremely unique yet they sold well, especially amongst film stars and also the wealthy and famous. With
the passing of time the newer versions became increasingly higher priced as features and additional developments were released. 
Unfortunately, these motors had numerous teething issues the enormous number of guarantee claims they triggered led the organization into severe fiscal issues. In 1964 this car eventually went from production.
Facel Vegas are cherished by lovers throughout the planet for this very day. This incredibly unique category of vehicle can readily be put along side traditional makes for example RollsRoyce, Bentley en Lagonda. Although Facel didn't make it's own motors, it's safe to say the vehicle commonly called the "Grand Routiers" of autos is of complete top category and proceeds to leave a profound and lasting impact...
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