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Ask any dealerships plus they'll let you know: Holden's bestselling automobile has consistently been the Holden Commodore. And also to produce the oomph and power of the Commodore more, the Holden business developed an unique branch: HSV or Holden Special Vehicles.

HSV was set up in 1987, pretty much replacing the Holden Dealer Team that was directed by the celebrated Peter Brock. More versions followed, the bulk of which were based on the Holden Commodore.
This fusion is made apparent by the HSV marque's emblem; the blend of the heraldic lion's head and also the racing helmet is a variation of the emblem of the Holden Racing Team. And a fast trip to the HSV site will reveal to you the line between HSV and also the Holden Racing Team is quite a excellent one.
The present crop of HSVs is the E-series variety. This line originated with the intention of getting the prestigious European manufacturers on at their particular sport of combining raw energy with precision and engineering superiority. 
The outside and bodykit appearances of any HSV vehicle are a significant part of the entire HSV bundle. The side skirts and spoiler all play their role in providing these anythingbut - subtle sporty looks in addition to improving the operation of all HSV vehicles. Other touches, like the E-shaped vents and the "ring of fire" tail lamps are only aesthetic, but complement the other styling features. Versions and other lines of the HSV range have appeared within the last (practically) two decades since the first SS Group A SV roared from the factory. The Maloo, the Clubsport, the Grange, the Senator and also the GTS, in several embodiments, have featured within the lineup of the HSV Z - series, the VY - Series, the VY2 - Series, the VXSeries and also the VTSeries. Other HSV models have made occasional appearances, like the HSV XU6 in the VXSeries and VTSeries, and also the HSV SV300 in the VX range.
HSVs are popular not only but also when exported abroad, not only to apparent areas like-new Zealand, but farther afield to UK and beyond.
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