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Hummer attracted attention to itself during the 90's owing to the release of Humvee in 1991. When this model came on sale. Humvee was clumsy and got less than 10 miles per gallon. However, the car was popular with Hollywood celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had his own fleet of Hummers. General Motors bought the rights of AM General and started selling Hummers. It was pleasant time when the economy was defensive and fuel price was low. The Hummer H2 model, which was smaller by 8,600 pounds and less expensive, was presented on the market in 2002.

The Hummer was a symbol of American lifestyle. Nevertheless, on the part of environmentalists this car was subjected to criticism. According to a 2008 report on Hummers destroyed, defaced and burnt everything around while auto dealers were writing love notes to fat and lazy Americans.

Anyway, the Hummer brand came to the international auto market owing to importers in Europe, Australia and South Africa. In spite of worldwide popularity little Hummer vehicles were sold because of this model was highly expensive and unpractical for using in a city.

The new version of Hummer model H3 was introduced in 2005. It was smaller by 5,800 pounds and more fuel-efficient from 16 to 20 miles per gallon. The next year, GM stopped production of the original Hummer, because of low sales.

Hummer sales fell by 50 percent in 2008 because of the economic crisis, rising fuel price and increasing environmental problems. Owing to suffering in the issue global recession and slumping auto sales in December 2008, GM got several billions dollars of federal bailout loan.

On 1 June 2009, the large automaker declared bankruptcy. Next day the GM Company announced to plan selling the Hummer brand to the Chinese company within the bounds of its reorganization.

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