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Isuzu is the Japanese truck manufacturer, which was founded about 90 years ago. The Isuzu Company like other automobile makers such as Hyundai and Kia entered the auto industry owing to the company growth and favorable conditions for expansion. Before Isuzu, there was the Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Company.  

Due to the partnership with the Tokyo Gas and Electric Industrial Company, in 1918 the Ishikawajima Company introduced their first truck. Soon after that, the Japanese company obtained a license to manufacture British-based Wolseley vehicles to set collaborations with foreign automakers and companies.

In 1922, the company released its first automobile. In spite of good development of the vehicle, it was far from the best one. After 13 years of using technology and cars improvements, the company made a decision to release a bus. In 1935, Japan and the whole world saw the first bus in the world.

Two years later, the Tokyo Jidosha Kogyo Company was founded to carry out the Isuzu's future activity in development of Diesel engines. The company continued to build trucks by the end of the 40's.

Isuzu equipment works during extreme cold at Japan's Antarctic Observation Base since 1955. Four years later, the company released the first two-ton light-duty truck. The company growth attracted investors, including General Motors. Isuzu and General Motors introduced models such as Buick Opel and Chevrolet Luv oriented the American markets.

The Isuzu brand strengthened the partnership with the General Motors. The first American Isuzu Motors appeared in 1983. In Japan, the Isuzu Motors obtained the recognition and soon started to produce 3 million trucks a year.

In 90’s, there were new models as Trooper and Rodeo. Later, the Isuzu brand the Axiom using better technology as the jointly developed Duramax injection supporting Isuzu on the US market. Currently Isuzu is a part of the GM group; it is still the largest manufacturers of medium duty commercial trucks and pick – ups. 

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