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AVTOVAZ is the biggest LADA automobile manufacturer in Russia and Eastern Europe. It's a business in Tolyatti, the Samara area. Its worker number exceeds 72,000. 
Lada's history could be traced back again to the 1960's when a car plant opened as portion of the joint venture between communist Russia and Italy. Constructed on the Volga river, the factory activated the faster development of the nearby Italian - communist - named Toglietti to town who sooner or later grew across the plant, forming a little industrial community.
Fiat models were the base of early Ladas who were intended as a "folks's car" form their beginning. The stage of the Fiat 124 was adapted to fulfill the needs of Russian driving circumstances, at temperatures below zero Celsius and rough terrain. To be able to reach a robust construction, the human body was hardened, the complete ground clearance improved and aluminum brakes were fitted within the back. The engine was replaced with a more recent layout sporting an overhead camshaft. Strangely, the engine, which was better in relation to the main one available on Fiat models, was never employed by Fiat.
Consequently, an auxiliary manual fuel pump was mounted too as a starting handle to cover for abrupt battery loss.
Lada, because it's generally thought, isn't an automobile company however a brand belonging to Russian maker AutoVAZ. Because the name itself implies, Lada automobiles were assembled longlasting and easy, now similar to Eastpak does its backpacks. The very first Fiat-inspired models contained sedans (VAZ 2101) and station wagons (VAZ 2102) that have been later followed closely by the launch of luxurious variants including the VAZ 2103, boasting double headlights and a better 1.5 L gasoline engine.
After 1970, Lada automobiles became popular in Eastern and Russia Europe during the past two decades of the Soviet era, especially in former Soviet bloc states, where they became a symbol of urban life.
By the full time the '80s arrived, Lada had already developed newer and fresher versions. A fantastic instance of design development was the Niva, released in 1978. The model was fast to earn the Russians' esteem through its new human body design, allwheel drive system and strong 1.7 liter engine.
Production continued until the factory was compelled to postpone its new 110 range within the aftermath of the communist regime fall.
90's versions comprise the Gnom, a micro car near to the Nissan Micra in relation to look and the 92' released Natacha, a sporty coupe. Lada might appear to possess worked underground when compared with other auto-producers but it has successfully unfolded its operations in other areas of the planet for example Asia and South Usa.
Presently portion of a bigger group along with Nissan and Renault, Lada is quickly pacing through Russian market that's now booming, partially thanx to its automobile industry. Following some important transactions involving Lada stock share sales, Russia has turned nearly instantly in to the planet's fastest growing automobile markets. 
This Year, the business approved the notion of the 2020 development strategy. In 2011, the Russian car marketplace went up 57% by amount from 2010. It's seventh in the planet and rated third by volume in Europe.
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