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Lancia. (Italian for spear): which was the weapon used by Mediaeval knights. The name for a Brand whose cheval de bataille has in fact been sophistication and technological challenges. But Lancia is the title of a man, Vincenzo Lancia: the dreamer and innovator of autos, the motorist, the inventor, the entrepreneur.
Lancia has a history of sophistication and design - - and more than a hundred years of tradition, also.
With a lineage dating back to the early 1900s, the Italianbased automobile company has created identifying passenger, fast touring, sports and racing cars for more than 100 years which are recognized both for their attractiveness in addition to being advanced.
Count Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia designed the initial Lancia logo, which showed a protect and lance with a flag. The Lancia Alfa 12 HP was the first auto created by the business. 
Individuals who find their well - payed job to be given away by the strength in search for their true passion are uncommon. Thankfully, some of those that do become known through their achievements. Such is the situation with Vicenzo Lancia who gave up his accounting profession so he could built automobiles and give the world some of the very complex vehicles at the time.
The start of the twentieth century was arguably one of the very productive eras in history, while some might say that 1906 was crying with apathy with regard to job and amusing opportunities compared to 2008. When he founded his own car company with co-worker Claudio Fogolin Vicenzo Lancia was just 25 in 1906.
With a tendency for everything mechanical and a almost unsurpassed skill in engine analysis and repair in addition to experience for a test driver for Fiat, Vicenzo Lancia was set to create a car that would change the Italian's and perhaps the world's perception on autos. In 1907, he revealed the Alpha, a car offensively advanced for the time. Apart from having been designed with a durable, trustworthy and responsive engine, the Alpha was surprisingly light: Vicenzo had used a tubular construction for the auto's front axle instead of solid steel such as the car makers.
Before the 20's, Lancia had also patented two kinds of engines, a 45 o V8 and a huge and narrow 22o V 12. Such developments would result in the launching of the Lambda in 1922, a product that was a total of design and engineering breakthroughs. 
By 1931, ride comfort was upgraded to the level of introducing adaptive engine mountings on the Astura. Much like the "floating engine" patented by Chrysler, the system used small rubber shockabsorbers to dampen sound and cut vibrations. The latter did not take advantage of the central column and consequently made auto interior access and leaving very simple.
His son Gianni Lancia and his wife Adele Miglietti Lancia took over the business, after Vincenzo Lancia expired of a heart attack in 1937. As an engineer they brought Vittorio Jano on board. Jano had acquired acclaim for building some of the very successful race cars of its time for Alfa Romeo, for example, Alfa Romeo 6C.
Lancia was also at the vanguard of the utilization of independent suspension in production cars.
While Lancia strove for superiority, down to its distinctive symbol, the price of creating these handmade autos was high, while demand for them was not powerful enough to endure; by the late sixties, the organization's high standards of production had become unsustainable.
Dan Minick pointed out that Lancia's unique character survived the 1969 Fiat buyout. A Fiat motor was used by the Beta, but it didn't share a platform with Fiat, and was FWD while similar Fiats were RWD. The Gamma was entirely Lancia, from the flat four motor to the styling.
Benefitting from three fuel tanks, two outside plus a back mounted one, behind the pilot, in addition to full 4 wheel drive, Lancia's racing cars appeared as consequence of styles from the future.
Lancia would also borrow Ferrari its entire team of technicians in addition to designs, assisting the Scuderia in winning the World F1 championship during the 1950's. The 1970's saw the arrival of a racing icon, the Stratos. Its ultralight body made from plastic and aluminum reinforced with fiber glass inspired the look of later versions including the Rally 037, the Beta and the Delta S4, the latter having made use of composite building materials and complex double turbocharging and fourwheel drive.
Since, the business has strived to create a recovery through the release of versions for example the 95' release and the more recent Thesis, an elegant sedan maintained to be the epitome of driving comfort. Although the Thesis launching in 2002, the brand has somewhat returned to the core values, that of jawdropping refined designs and underbonnet nearperfection.
In 2009, after Fiat got a position of Chrysler, it rolled out strategies for the Chrysler brand
and Lancia to codevelop products and vice versa and some Chrysler cars were sold as Lancias. Olivier Francois, Lancia's CHIEF executive officer, took over as CHIEF executive officer of the Chrysler division with an eye toward reestablishing Chrysler as an upscale brand highlighting driving enjoyment and security while also using the newest engine technology. Sergio Marchionne reiterated he saw Chrysler as a main method to maintain the moneylosing Lancia brand. 
Lancia's brand sophistication is branded in the usage of letters of the Greek alphabet as the names
of its models, for example Ypsilon, Musa and Delta. It has an eyecatching web site that is is as refined as the autos that carry the Lancia name. With an eye toward supplying the perfect performance, Lancia brand remains a car, one that's unmistakably a precise brand image. Together with Chrysler, it is a partnership full of an endless potential. One which will make its creator, Vincenzo Lancia, proud.
Most Chrysler automobiles will make their way to Europe as Lancias, while the Dodge Journey has obtained a new Eurolife as the Fiat Freemont. Generally, instead of bending Chrysler to fit Lancia, Fiat has bent Lancia to fit Chrysler - - because the Chrysler line is mainly new or firmly refreshed which makes sense, and was styled with both Lancia and Chrysler in head. Therefore, the primary outside difference between Lancia and Chrysler models originating in Auburn Hills may be the grille. One underhood difference between the two is the existence of diesel engines in the Lancias.
The 2011 Chrysler 300C brings luxurious and more class to the Chrysler brand than it has seen in quite a very long time. The 300C's sister for Europe revives memories of exotic large Lancias of the past and gives Lancia a flagship substantially better looking then the present, slow selling Thesis.
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