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Lexus is luxury auto manufacturer owned by Toyota. The firm was set up in 1989 in US but since than the firm has turned into one of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet. Lexus is now available in nearly 100 countries world-wide. 
The Lexus emblem was developed by Hunter Communications and Molly Designs. The ultimate design for the Lexus emblem featured a stylized "L" within an ellipse, and according to Toyota, was rendered using a precise mathematical formula. The first teaser ads featuring the Lexus name and symbol, designed by Team One, appeared at the Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York car shows in 1988.
The first auto that the firm released was the Lexus LS in 89. 
In 1983, a meeting was held by the chairman of Toyota in regards to creating a business that will make luxury cars. As an effect of this assembly, the Lexus LS 400 was born. It is goal was not to only compete against the other lavish automakers, yet to give the consumers who've been faithful to Toyota a variety of luxury cars. Due to a bargain between the Japanese and USA Government, Japan was able to export their luxury cars with less hassle because of the limitation of mainstream vehicle exports.
Through the mid 1980s, Honda started Acura, it is luxury division and that move made Toyota to produce a luxury division of their own. But than that also led Nissan, another popular Japanese car maker additionally to produce a section for lavish vehicle named Infiniti. In 1985, investigators from Toyota went to US to run focus groups and surveys to learn just what drivers in america wanted in regards to a vehicle.
Toyota came to the decision that they than created strategies to produce multiple dealerships within the American marketplace and creating a different section would be really a clever move, following the research was done. In 1986, the marketing business that worked for Toyota decided to produce a special team dedicated entirely for handling the marketing of the Lexus brand. The name brand Lexus was made in the name Alexis, which was at one-point in time the name the luxury department was going to be named. 
In 1990, the business sold over 60,000 units. The following year, they started the SC 400. By 1992, Lexus had become the most effective luxury auto manufacturer in The usa. 
In the year 1993, Lexus became one of the very first auto brands to debut a certified preowned program, with the intention of enhancing trade in model values. In the subsequent year, Lexus launched the generation of LS 400. This luxury car was a total redesign of its F1 model. Year 1996 marked the launching of Lexus's first sports car, LX 450. In 1998, Lexus added the RX 300, the first luxurybranded crossover SUV, and the generation GS and GS 300 400 sedans. Lexus recorded its onemillionth vehicle sold in the U.S. market and rated as the topselling greatest auto make in the U.S. total in 1999. 
In 2005, Lexus divided from the parent company Toyota. Lexus enlarged international launch of the luxury car brand in important world markets, with committed engineering, design, training and manufacturing centres working alone for the department.
In 2010, the business sales began to rally after falling dramatically because of the downturn. 
Lexus auto brand is now sold internationally and has become Japan's biggest seller of superior cars. It's advertised in more than 70 countries and territories worldwide and positions among the ten biggest Japanese global market auto brands. Lexus has its headquarters in Nagoya, Japan, while the centres are situated in Torrance, California and america, and Brussels, Belgium.
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