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The development of the MG marque is one of the success stories in automotive history. MG became the sports car that appealed to every man — it was affordable and fun. To this day MG sports cars have a mystic all of their own and it is the duty of those of us who love the marque to see that younger car enthusiasts are introduced to the enjoyment and pleasure of ownership of MG cars that we currently have. MG stands for Morris Garages — named after William Morris, the founder of Morris Garages, who later became Lord Nuffield.

No, MG isn't a misspelling of the renowned American car manufacturer GM, it is really a British sports car brand that first started out in 1924. Morris Garages was in the beginning a merchant of Morris cars in Oxford but fairly soon they began selling their particular modified versions.
In March 1924, William Morris, creator of the British automobile industry, as Lord Nuffield afterwards knighted, started the world first 4 - door auto with central chassis, producing the course of MG. In exactly the same year, the 14 / 28 roadster was launched by MG. 
From 1930 till 1935, MG rolled out the ultrapopular car model MMM, and grabbed numerous winners within the critical car racing events, showing its supercharged power and functionality-oriented technical strength.
In 1955, the international fame was enjoied by MGA sports car with an incredible sales volume up to100, 000. 
In the '60s, MG ng a sales record of 175, 000. In 80s, the popular car model Metro was launched by MG, supplying the greatest driving enjoyment for the global 142, 000 MG owners.
In 90's, MGF is hailed as among the Best MassProduction Sports Car in United Kingdom.
In 2000, MG started the ancient auto models, for example MG TF etc, and these cars become the bestselling sports car around the planet. 
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