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Among the most easily identifiable cars on earth, the Mini has managed to achieve cult status in spite of the truth it is as typical as they appear. The notion and also the layout of the Mini arrived from the British Motor Company initially, but in regards to the producer the little car has experienced several changes.
In the 1960's it started a completely new trend because, despite it being quite little, it really had enough room inside for passengers and baggage. This is because of the composition of the front-wheel drive and motor. 
The Minis were also fairly efficient from the functionality perspective, having a unibody that further decreased fat and allowed more space within the vehicle. 
Before the end-of the primary era in 1967, the vehicles received several improvements including automatic transmission and better suspension.
The 2nd generation of automobiles was created between 1967 and 1970. That they had a bigger rear window along with a redesigned front grill. It was these vehicles which were used to produce the hit movie "The Italian Work" in 1969.
It had a larger motor at 997cc, 55hp, twin SU carburetors, a nearer ration gearbox and disk brakes.
The great reviews for this particular edition resulted in the creation of an even sportier edition, the Mini cooper S in 1963. Cooper also constructed automobiles especially for the racing circuit. These were especially effective in the Monte Carlo Rally that they won in 1967 and 1964, 1965 (in 1966 they were disqualified despite finishing in the top-three positions).
The 3rd generation of Minis, the Mark III, arrived between 1970 2000. These had larger bodies, hidden winding windows and door hinges (previous versions had slipping ones). Despite all their best efforts, the producers simply could not bring that new atmosphere appearance for the Mini, currently in serious need of a makeover, overall sales was severely affected by a fact which.
The sole way the Mini survived throughout the 1980s and 90s was to appear with "special editions". This is simply the doing of BMW which purchased the remnants of BMC underneath the Rover badge. These designs were viewed as trendy trend icons, some retro in an otherwise contemporary marketplace. In 2007 the amount of automobile created reached 1 million.
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