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Peugeot is really among the earliest brands to the auto market these days even though initially they did not just make vehicles. The Peugeot company began as a pepper, salt and coffee grinder maker in 1842 and the way it wound up making vehicles is fairly interesting: from making metal rods for crinoline gowns, it considered umbrella frames, then wire wheels which appeared merely an all-natural step towards bikes. When private transport was right in the center of the revolution and when there, it was merely a short distance from automobiles in the turn of the century.
The Peugeot name was a family enterprise since the 1700s. Merely a year after steam was dropped in favor of gas and also the design converted into a variation, having an engine under licence from Daimler.
Figures steadily improved thanks to numerous innovations for example threepoint suspension, falling-gear transmission and also the very first rubber tire wheels. 
In 1896 Peugeot began producing its engines, an 8 horsepower flat double. By 1899 revenue cars for Peugeot got as much as 300, that's fairly decent considering that throughout that year just 1200 cars were sold in France. In 1903 Peugeot added bikes to his factory manufacturing.
After a short period from racing, a Peugeot vehicle was able to win the Indy 500 with Jules Goux at the wheel in 1913. The progress of the vehicle was because of the addition of the DOHC 4 valves per cylinder engine. As Peugeot considered producing arms and military vehicles obviously, war dawned in Europe.
In 1929 the first 201 version was introduced, a style of numbering automobiles that might be trademarked by the French automaker.
Having survived the melancholy, the business the attempted in 1933 to woo customers with an even more aerodynamic appearance. That year the version that came out had a hard top, an innovation that will even be acquired by Mercedes.
From the end of the war, the plants were looking for reparations and heavily bombed. It might take the business until 1948 to restart car production using the 203 version.
This is just the start as a fresh group of Italiandesigned versions by Pininfarina finished the lineup. The progress of the vehicles decided Peugeot to begin selling within the UNITED states also in 1958. With now, Peugeot beginning collaborating with several other makers for example Renault (1966) and Volvo (1972).
This partnership meant that both brands could utilize each other's technical achievements but maintain their autonomy designwise.
Further growth of the PSA team noticed the overtaking of the European department of Chrysler in 1978, an expense which proved defective as machines and most Chrysler services was old and worn-out. 
Throughout the 90s Peugeot got some of its old acclaim back after some miscalculations concerning the overall course of the business. The present product lineup is aiming towards an even more lavish marketplace, with price cuts not being made to forfeit the complete feel and look of the auto. Some victories within the racing world, including even and rallies Formula 1, have helped Peugeot with revenue.
Now Peugeot has created several new product varies, away from traditional 200, 300, 400 and 600 series. The 900 and 100 are the exact reverse, with the 100 while 900 isn't for the budget consumers eyeing the super-compact variety. The French automaker has a good hybrid automobile in the make, a variant of the 307.
For a hundred years and a half, the proud and very good symbol of the Lion has embodied the picture of quality connected with Peugeot.
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