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The Volvo Group was founded during the 1920s by Assar Barbrielsson and Gustaf Larsson. Volvo's flagship model, the Volvo OV4, rolled off production lines in early 1927. Featuring 4 gears, an open carriage and a top speed of 56mph, the OV4 was considered a groundbreaking vehicle in its time. Throughout the company's first year only 280 cars were produced. The following year Volvo moved into the world of commercial truck building with the highly popular Series 1. This vehicle attracted buyers from across the world and helped move Volvo into the global market. Presently, Volvo are enjoying success with models like the S60 saloon, the C30 Coupe and the V50 estate.
VOLVO Brand History.
The name Volvo was initially registered in-may 1915 as a different business within SKF AB and as a registered trademark with the aim to be utilized for a special series of ball bearing, yet this thought was just used for a brief time period and SKF determined to use "SKF" as the brand for many of its bearing products. 
The very first show created Volvo car, called 'OV4' left the factory on 14 April 1927. Just 996 vehicles were created between 1927 1929. 'OV4' was replaced by version PV651 in April 1929. Its success to the marketplace assisted Volvo consequently become a serious auto company and buy-out their motor maker. By 1931, it had been returning its first dividend to investors.
The PV444 was among the most important vehicles of the war period, the best sold version throughout the 1960s, a mix of American flair and European dimension, it ad would turn into a accomplishment and also the very first accurate little vehicle. 
Quality and security were still paramount for Volvo which is why the 240 series-which replaced the 140 had much more security improvements in that section, like crumple zones, back facing child seats and collapsible steering columns. With small 340 versions, they'd make for all the revenue through the 70s and 80s for Volvo.
The 1990's brought with them an entirely new version, the 850, a drive, executive car which won several awards for security and handling features. Right now, productions costs were mounting up and Volvo was clearly one of some independent producers available, after a planned deal with Renault fell through in 1993. This pushed the business to find new marketing strategies which is how a sleeker S40 and V40 models were introduced within the factory's production-line.
The brand new versions introduced a breath of fresh air, just as the coupe and convertible, that are in charge of revitalizing the Volvo picture while keeping in tune with the old custom of quality along with security.
The buy out of Volvo Cars was declared on January 28, 1998. Till then, Volvo Cars was possessed by AB Volvo (the commercial vehicles group). In the next year acquisition for Volvo Vehicles by American car-maker Ford Motor Co. was finished at a cost of $6.45 billion USD. Volvo used the capital from the selling of the auto department to fund the acquisition of Scania, another leading Swedish truck maker, but the offer was discontinued for competition reasons by the EU. Rather Volvo acquired the American truck manufacturer Mack Trucks and also the commercial vehicles department of French Renault (that has been owned by Renault at that time). Within the arrangement to purchase Renault Trucks, the previous parent company, Renault, purchased in change 20-percent in shares in AB Volvo. Among reasons why Volvo took the initiative to market the auto production was the growing development costs for new-car models, coupled with the undeniable fact it was a rather small company. 
Volvo Automotive's slogan is "Volvo for life" credited to the reliability and security of these automobiles. Along with their business image, (usually mistaken for the male image) which really stands for iron-ore and as stated by the organization, signifies "Rolling Strength".
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