Truck Upgrades

Love trucks? Well, you’re not the only one. These big, burly, versatile vehicles account for 16.4% of automobile sales in America.

Of course, there are all sorts of reasons for this newfound popularity. But one of the most compelling is the ability to take these hardy machines off-road. Thanks to their size, strength, clearance, and four-wheel drive capabilities, you can put them through their paces in the great outdoors, face the elements, and have an epic adventure in the process.

First, though, certain improvements might be required to help it handle the task. The best truck upgrades add crucial features and attributes that ensure it won’t let you down in a sticky situation. The tricky part’s knowing which upgrades to make!

Are you thinking of modifying your truck but don’t know where to begin? Well, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to discover 7 essential upgrades for anybody who wants to take their truck off-road.

1. Bullbar

Off-roading isn’t ideal for anybody who’s precious about their truck’s aesthetics. The nature of the experience means it’s rough, ready, and hard-wearing; the occasional bump and scratch are to be expected. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action to protect your treasured set of wheels!

Bullbars are the perfect example of an easy upgrade you can make that does exactly that.

These practical products are basically just big exoskeletons that you attach to the front of your truck. Once in place, they prevent anything you make contact with from damaging the bodywork of the vehicle itself. That’s good news for the brand new front bumper kit you worked so hard to fit!

2. Mud Flaps

Driving off-road isn’t just a dangerous business. It’s dirty too- especially if you have a penchant for going out when it’s rainy, swampy, and muddy. If you want to save yourself a major clean-up operation when you’re back home, then think about upgrading your truck with a good-quality set of mud flaps.

These handy additions fit behind the wheels to stop excessive amounts of mud/debris from flicking up and dirtying the truck. Of course, they won’t keep your vehicle spotless, but they will make a worthwhile difference to your fenders! They should also stop grit, stones, and other hard debris from damaging the wheel wells and paintwork too.

3. Heavy Duty Rubber Tires

It doesn’t matter what part of the trucks we’re talking about. Anything other than heavy-duty won’t last long when you go off-road! Case and point?

Your tires.

The tires on your truck must be cut out for the task ahead. After all, you might have to drive through any number of awful conditions. From thick mud to deep snow, it’s imperative that your tires are hardy enough to withstand the challenges ahead.  

Look for heavy-duty rubber and intense tread to provide the traction you need. Consider the exact terrain on which you’ll be driving as well though. Tailor the tread on your tires to those surface conditions and your life’s going to be ten-time easier.

4. Steel Wheels

Putting your new tires on weak wheels isn’t ideal either though. The alloys you have on the truck right now might look great, but they lack the strength, durability, and weather-proofing of steel alternatives. By contrast, putting burly tires on steel wheels will deliver enviable off-road results.

They might not look fancy, but they’re more likely to stand up to the rigors of serious off-roading. You’ll be able to drive up and over big bumps, jumps, slopes, and obstacles with less chance of trouble. Furthermore, they should last longer too, which is good news for your bank balance!

5. Tow Hook

Driving off-road isn’t without its risks. For example, there’s a reasonable chance that you’ll find yourself stuck somewhere at some point! Whether you drive into a ditch, slip down a slope, or sink into the sand, you need something on your truck to help get you out.

That’s where a tow hook comes in. Having one on the front and/or back of your vehicle means you can be towed safely from any sticky situation you find yourself in. Another truck can come along, attach a tow strap, and haul you out of harm’s way.

6. Winch

On the subject of towing and hauling, you could consider fitting a winch to your truck as well. After all, that tow hook only comes in so handy when you’re in the middle of nowhere with nobody else around! You need some means of pulling yourself out of trouble.

Having a winch would make that possible. Powered by electronics, hydraulics, or (on the odd occasion) good old-fashioned elbow grease, you can attach the line to something sturdy and reel yourself in. Even better, you could help other people who might have found themselves in a tricky situation too.

7. Supreme Suspension

The pickup truck you purchased was probably kitted out for everyday use. In other words, it’s designed for paved roads and the occasional pothole!

That’s why another key modification for most off-road enthusiasts is the suspension system. Your new suspension will help you navigate rough, rocky, and awkward ground. Better still, it’ll provide superior strength and handling capabilities to deliver a better all-around off-road experience.

An added bonus? You’ll give your vehicle the mean, angry, aggressive lifted finish that most truck-drivers want. That combination of aesthetic and practical advantages make a new suspension system a worthy investment.

Time to Install the Best Truck Upgrades

Millions of Americans buy themselves a brand new pickup truck every year.

Yet that doesn’t mean they can go straight outdoors and expect to have an amazing off-road experience! Despite their size and strength compared to ordinary cars, most trucks still require certain modifications in order to optimize them for off-roading.

First, though, you have to know the best truck upgrades to make for this task! We hope this post will help in that regard. Keep these suggestions in mind and you’re sure to enjoy a better all-around off-road experience in your truck.

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