Test Drive a Slingshot

Have you seen the unusual three-wheeled, backward-looking motorbike-sort-of-things driving down the road and wondered what is that and how do I get in one? If yes, then you need to test drive a Slingshot.

Polaris’ odd, but incredibly fun trike is so different that experiencing it is a must. If you like fun and if you like to stand out from the crowd this vehicle is for you.

To help you make the decision, here’s a list of five of the best reasons to jump in the cockpit and give the Slingshot a whirl. 

1. Because the Cockpit is Unique

Sit in one of the bucket seats in a Slingshot and you’ll instantly realize that you’re ready to test drive a Slingshot. This is a driving machine and the cockpit welcomes you to do exactly that: drive.

This is a bike with the cockpit of a car. The steering wheel is covered in beautiful leather and you’ve got keyless ignition. You’re surrounded by infotainment and navigation systems to rival luxury cars, and the Rockford Fosgate sound system is a joy, even if you are wearing a helmet.  

2. Because the Engine is a Dream

Another great reason to test drive a Slingshot is the engine. This is what gives this crazy machine its mojo. Polaris gives you power in its trike and you need to drive a Slingshot to feel for yourself. 

The new Polaris Slingshot has 203 horsepower delivered from a 2.0-liter engine. You’ll get 8,500 rpm from that unit, too.

There are two standard models, the SL and the R. They get 120 lb-ft of torque and 144 lb-ft, respectively. 

3. Because the Transmission is Perfect

Real drivers love a stick shift. Polaris has added a manual transmission so that you can truly experience what it’s like to ride a Slingshot. 

The manual shift has a pleasing feel. When you make the gear change you really know you did. There is also an automatic option.

So, really, whether you want to test drive a Slingshot or you’re considering Slingshot rentals, there is a gear shift and transmission option to suit what you love.

4. Because the Driving Experience is Something Else

Test drive a Slingshot and you’ll instantly know that this is a driving experience unlike any other. This is wild, untamed. It’s a little crazy and a lot of fun.

A Slingshot is not about comfort and touring. It’s not a grand, old Harley. It’s not a sports car that you thrash on the Pacific Coast Highway.

No, this is a unique ride and it’s one you have to test to find out how much you’re going to love it.

5. Because You Are Different

The Slingshot is the vehicle you buy if you don’t run with the crowd. If you like to follow your own path, then this is the trike you test drive. If you want to stand out and have people ask what it’s like, jump inside a Slingshot.

It’s sort of that simple. 

Test Drive a Slingshot Today to See What All the Fuss is About

If this list of five reasons you should test drive a Slingshot didn’t get you ready to tear straight down to the nearest dealership and get behind the wheel then we don’t know what will.

But to remind you: this is a unique drive, it’s a unique cockpit, it’s got a dream engine with all kinds of power, and its manual gear and transmission is a driver’s dream.

Oh, and you should test drive it because you are you.

We love cars, bikes, and trikes, just like you do. So, check out our blog for more great insights into the world of wheels.