Ultimate Car Paint Job

When you go out for a stroll to the supermarket or along the street where you live, the chances are that you will come across tons of vehicles that desperately need a new car paint job.

All types of vehicles go through car paint problems. This can be because of UV exposure and too much sunlight. Or a car may have gotten a poorly done paint job at the factory, which faded over the years.

Depending on the severity of old car paint damage, you may need to bring your vehicle in for a re-do. Although a quick car paint job can provide a lot of shine for a new vehicle appearance, you may struggle if the paint is peeling. Here are ways to get the ultimate car paint job and determine the extent of the damage.

What Causes Faded Car Paint?

Compared to the olden days, cars are not built the same way. In the past, vehicles were manufactured with a heavy focus on quality. Cars could put up with more neglect and abuse by owners who were unbothered to maintain the exterior.

People only had to wax and detail their cars to make them look brand new. This was because car owners back then had the necessary wax or sealant that protected their paint from fading or peeling.

Now, most vehicles get a single-stage paint job applied when they roll out of the factory. This is usually done with a clear coat finish. Even though this goes through several inspections and heat treatment, there are still paint imperfections.

Direct Sunlight

Even though it is relaxing to stay outdoors, cars cannot say the same. When your car paint is exposed to excess UV rays, the paint will fade in no time. Many people believe that the actual rays cause paint damage.

However, the heat builds on the surface of your car that kickstarts the fading process. Therefore, you can expect the hood or other flat surfaces to be the most affected areas.


If you live close to the beach, you may notice more chipped paint on your car. This is because the corrosion and salt are cracking the clear coat of your new vehicle.

It is essential to prevent saltwater from remaining on a painted surface. Otherwise, you may need to deal with oxidation. Then you need to strip away the old paint to apply a new coat.


You should always be careful of soaps and cleaners that you use to wipe down your car. Avoid any dishwashing soaps or products with harsh chemicals.

Paint protection products should not be full of powerful chemical agents. Therefore, it is always best to visit a reputable dealer to protect your car’s exterior.

Car Pair Repair Options

Most new entry-level vehicles come with single-stage paint. If you notice that your car paint is faded, you need to find out the type of clear coat or paint.

Fixing Car Paint Job

If you have figured out that your car has a clear coat, you can restore the paint fairly easily. Typically, there will be tiny pockets of faded paint on the surface of your vehicle.

This should be around the roof or hood. Even though a small area is causing concern, it is always better to paint over the entire car. This is because a minor repair will not last, and a small section of faded paint will spread across in no time.

Then you need to gather supplies for your paint protection, like car polish, paint sealant, and car wax. The next step is to wash your car thoroughly. Then wipe it to get rid of all the debris.

After this process, you need to use clean water to wet a buffing pad. This will help apply buffing compounds to the faded car paint. If you buff the faded areas at least three times, you should notice that the problem is solved. 

Protecting Paint Job

After your car’s paint job has been fixed, it needs an additional layer of protection. You can use car wax or paint sealant. The car wax needs to be applied to the area you want to treat. You only need to use a tiny bit to add a small layer of protection.

However, you should still get your car professionally done at least once a month for full protection. Paint sealant can last up to six months if you use the best quality product. But this does not entirely replace a professional service either.

Vinyl Wrap

With a vinyl wrap, you can drastically change your car’s appearance. The design options involve gradient color, chrome metallic color, matte finish, glossy color, and other graphics treatments that can fit your budget. You can let your imagination run free to transform your old car.

Your installers will apply your vehicle wrap with a heat gun. This makes the material more pliable to hug the contours of your car. If you choose graphics or custom designs, you may need additional wrapping layers.

Then the installers use a squeegee to get rid of air pockets. Even though a standard car paint job is inexpensive, you need something of better quality. Nothing beats a glossy vinyl wrap because it lasts much longer. Check out SupremeWrapsDallas for more information about your vehicle wrap.

Always Protect Your Car Paint Job

Now that you know how to get the ultimate paint job, you should always ensure that you look after your car’s exterior. Constantly getting a new car paint job done will become costly. You can save a lot of money by taking better care of your vehicle.

Avoid parking the car outside on hot and sunny days. Take your old car for a professional paint job to restore its new car look. Alternatively, you can also go for vinyl wraps if you have a creative design in mind and want to customize your car paint job to another level.

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