With warm weather quickly approaching, it’s time to think about your electric golf cart maintenance, so your golf cart is running smoothly and is ready to hit the links. 

You already know that the advantage of buying electric golf carts is the minimal need for maintenance compared to gas-powered machines. 

So, are you wondering what golf cart maintenance might be needed before the season of use kicks in? Read on to learn what things you should consider for a maintenance update on your electric golf cart. 


In an electric golf cart, the batteries are the most important component for maintenance. 

You want to periodically inspect your battery to make sure it’s working optimally. Be sure to wear protective clothing when you do this inspection. The fluids in an electric battery can be highly corrosive and harmful to the skin and eyes. 

Check your battery and battery cables for any signs of corrosion. If you see signs of a green or white substance on the battery cable connections, they need to be cleaned. 

You’ll want to scrub away those signs of corrosion to give your battery a longer life. 

There are plastic casings on the top of the battery. You can open these to check the water levels in your battery. Batteries use a combination of both water and electrolytes. 

If the levels are low, you want to refill up to the line to keep the battery running well. 

Once this maintenance is complete, charging a golf cart goes more quickly and the charge lasts longer. 

It also makes sense to consider the type of battery in your electric golf. There are a variety of benefits of lithium batteries for electric golf carts. They last longer when in use, both for use time and the life of the battery too. 

A quality lithium battery will meet the power and energy needs of your golf card. For more information on lithium batteries, check out ReLion Battery.


 Another important consideration for golf cart maintenance is to take a look at your brakes. Electric golf carts use a drum braking system. The brakes use:

  • A system of drums
  • Shoes
  • Springs
  • Adjusters
  • Cables

When you drive your golf cart, if you notice a delayed slowing when you hit the brakes or it feels like your golf cart is pulling, it’s time to have your brakes checked out. 


Golf carts travel on a variety of terrains while out on the golf course. You need the tires in optimal condition so they can safely navigate the different surfaces they go across. 

Inspect the tires to make sure they are inflated to the correct level. Then also inspect the tread on the tires. You want to be sure you have tread so the cart can grip when it’s on uneven surfaces on the course.

Electric Golf Cart Maintenance to Keep Your Cart Running Well

The good news is that electric golf cart maintenance is usually pretty minimal. It’s the reason, frankly, to buy an electric cart. But maintaining the battery is key to keeping your golf cart running well all season long. 

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