The business has proven itself as an experienced and flexible supplier of solutions for niche markets; its principle clients are local or regional vehicle manufacturers and coachbuilders. 
The process is 100% CFCfree and complies fully with the most recent environmental standards. This important investment laid the foundations for the protection of ACKERMANN's future.
Since April 2012, ACKERMANN Fahrzeugbau GmbH has been possessed by the corporate group Schneider AluTeam. Schneider AluTeam is a powerful partner for the moderate vehicle producer.
The goods are sold chiefly to coachbuilders and vehicle manufacturers with whom ACKERMANN has been collaborating for a long time or, in certain cases, for decades. ACKERMANN's product quality and flexibility enable its clients, in turn, to create themselves as trusted partners with their own clients. The end consumers come from a broad variety of distinct fields, anything from freight businesses to textile businesses or even fire brigades, supermarket chains and largescale logistics providers.
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