The Buckler Cars business located in Reading, Berkshire and started by Derek Buckler, England created about 500 cars between 1947 and 1962. The Business made many of its own automobiles in Crowthorne, Berkshire plus a plaque is visible in the website of the former factory.
Unusual in featuring spaceframe construction as of this day, the top quality automobiles were provided either fully assembled to order using a functions human anatomy or optionally and largely in element form for home conclusion. The initial version, according to Derek Buckler's own extremely successful 1947 Buckler Particular, was known as the Mark V, purportedly because he didn't want folks to believe it was the initial auto. However Bucklers had significant success entering the newest Kart marketplace in the 60's but the creator needed to sell his business for a going-concern circa 1962 because of failing health. Derek Buckler who was in bad health for a while, died in 1964.
Jack Barlow, who had directed the development, commenced his own business Barlotti in Studying. They created karts until 1990.
Too as making automobiles, Buckler made equipment sets for others including Lotus Cars.
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