The 60's
Ontario Drive & Gear Limited (ODG) was founded in Kitchener, Ontario, in 1962. Because the subsidiary of the German firm, its aim was to design and make equipment and power transmission for the United States marketplace. ODG de
veloped and made an unique transmission for a 6-wheel drive, skid steer ATV - the Amphicat.
In1967 the Argo was created! Realising the capacity of the ATV market, ODG determined to introduce an unique 6-wheel amphibious vehicle - the Argo. Itwas named for the stamina on water and land following the Argonaut of Greek mythology.
In 1969 the Kitchener facility could not manage the volume needed so ODG bought 10-acre site in New Hamburg and started building.
The 70's
In 1971 ODG introduced a stretched variant of the Argo - the 8-wheeler. With this launch, ODG was able to supply a car with the biggest cargo capacity in the available on the marketplace. The first 8 - wheeler was driven with a cc Kohler 2 - cylce engine.
Also in 1971, ODG installed a state-of-theart vacuumforming machine, which made it easy for all of us to create substantial amounts of automobile bodies from coloured ABS sheet material.
Continuously trying to find means to update the Argo, ODG determined to change to the lasting, high-density polyethylene materials for that automobile bodies and released vehicles powered with a Tecumseh 4-cycle engine in 1975. With the launch of the 4-cycle Argo, ODG's marketplace slowly grown in the recreational sector to the utility and industrial/commercial sector.
The 80's
1981 saw the launch of the leading Argo 8 I/C (Industrial/Commercial)with hydraulic steering system brakes. This version fast captured 60% of the market-share.
The Argo 6 Double was launched in 1985. Driven by the Briggs & Stratton, 656 cc twin cylinder I/C motor, the 6 Twin replaced the Argo 6 Heavy Duty. After the success of the version,ODG introduced the Argo 8 Twin like a smooth-running successor to the Argo 8 Heavy Duty.
The redesign of the Argo 8 I / C in 1987 created the most famous version to this automobile within the Argo lineup.
1989 found the end of the run since the final Tecumseh powered car came off the assembly line. However, with the ending of such age, a fresh one started. In 1989 ODG introduced the Argo 8x8 Magnum and also the Argo 6x6Magnum. The Argo 8x8 Magnum name was adopted to spot the top - of - theline design that now highlighted a transmission ratio plus new clutch parts to react to client requests for greater land speed. The Argo 6x6 Magnum followed with similar updates.
The 90's
In 1992, ODG observed 25 years of Argo creation. To commemorate Argo's silver anniversary, 25 silverbodied Vanguards were assembled.
ODG introduced the very first liquidcooled engine within the brand new Argo Conquest in1993. The Kawasaki FD620D 20-hp V-twin engine captured the interest of the market like nothing before and instantly propelled this model to visibility. Extended lead times produced as demand significantly surpassed production rates which were pushed up weekly.
The Argo 8x8 Response was released to industry in 1995 - the reply for the person who needed 8-wheel ability for an attractive cost.
Once more, ODG showed its dedication to the client by supplying qualitybuilt, advanced products. The Bigfoot invaded the marketplace in1997, with the extended wheelbase to adapt the 25\" tires,raising ride comfort over rough terrain.
In 1998 the late stand most costly in some hightech CNC machines, a LIEBHERR equipment hobber, was installed at ODG's premises to create the precision-cut gears and other quality parts demanded by ARGO and industrial products clients.
In a daring move, ODG determined to include 40,000-square feet of office space and new producing to the plant in New Hamburg. The continuing growth of the Argo marketplace and also the launch of a recent version of industrial allterrain vehicles made this choice crucial. At yearend, the website work was completed and building was established to begin within the spring of 2000.
The 2000's
The 2000s saw the growth of ODG by 16 500-sq Ft as a way to support new state-of-theart machines including a brand new $1.2M equipment grinder. All the updates ODG experienced in this decade had the same aims: to give better costumer service, enhance our already-high quality, versatility and effectiveness.
The Argo is
world famous for its capacity and flexibility of traversing challenging terrain however in 2008, the problem of our lives arrived, to assist the Canadian Space Agency design a car capable of resisting the conditions to the moon, the Lunar Rover!
The e2010
As ODG continues to strive for an advanced advertising strategy to better penetrate the Northern Industry, a group. Our emphasis is, in addition, on Global Development, in establishing the version - 700 HD, that is qualified for road use in Europe.
The Apparatus Division is continuing to improve and try on technological progress, to stay the best in transmissions and equipment.
Industrial markets will be the focus of our development. Growing into insect abatement, search and rescue, drilling and lifting will result in success in the market.
Clients in both our business and industrial industry segments will revel in the new ARGO XTI, a harder and much more heavy duty sort of the ARGO HDi. Camp operators and expert hunters
L also comprehend the value and advantages this new-vehicle provides to their own operations, and also the industrial capacities are designed utilizing fieldproven technologies, permitting higher durability and increased payloads.
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