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Austin-Western Road Machinery Company history

In 1901, F. C. Austin Production Company and Western Wheeled Scraper Company, which till then were fierce opponents, formed a selling company called AustinWestern Road Machinery Company, with offices in Chicago, Illinois, to advertise their merchandise. Western Wheeled Scraper bought the F. C. Austin Manufacturing Company in 1902, renaming it Austin Manufacturing Company, as well as the three companies managed until 1934. Their precise connection together over these years is doubtful, however, is mentioned in Issue 80 of Gear Echoes. Austin and Western items were made and marketed under these names, even though name also appeared on machines, notably in early 1930s.
In 1934, both production businesses were consolidated under the name Western-Austin Organization, with AustinWestern as a fully-owned subsidiary; the AustinWestern name was in conventional use around the gear following the merger, even though the Western-Austin name also sometimes appeared together with AustinWestern. Also in 1934, the AustinWestern Road Machinery Business moved from Chicago to Aurora, Illinois, and production operations were combined in Aurora in 1939.
On January 1, 1944, all functions were consolidated under the AustinWestern Company name, the AustinWestern Road Machinery Business was dissolved, as well as the Western-Austin name was dropped
Baldwin Lima - , 1951. 8 Hamilton Company (Collection 135) got AustinWestern for a subsidiary on March. In July of 1965 Armour and Company of Chicago, Illinois, purchased all of the BaldwinLima - Hamilton Corporation of Philadelphia; then in December of 1970, the Greyhound Corporation purchased all of its own subsidiaries and Company and Armour.
In-may of 1971 the Clark Equipment Company (Group 252) bought just the Building Equipment Division from Greyhound. This contains the AustinWestern Division of Aurora, Illinois; the Lima Department of Lima, Ohio; and the Division of BLH Canada situated at-st. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.
Clark went to phase-out the title within the mid1970s, combining the line into its Crane Division, subsequently transferring creation of graders - the last survivor of the line - for the former Hancock Manufacturing Company plant in Lubbock, TX in 1978. The Lubbock plant was shut as well as the grader line discontinued in 1981.
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