Avanti II

With the Studebaker company's death in December 1963, the Avanti appeared destined to become yet another footnote in classic car history. But Nate Altman, an Indiana Studebaker Dealer, understood there was still a lot of interest within the auto. Determined on keeping the Avanti alive, Altman approached every major automobile manufacturer within the U.S., without any takers. Even American Motors Corporation, who looked like a great alternative, had not been interested the auto.
Without any interest from just about any major car manufacturers, Altman, with his business associate Leo Newman, purchased the rights to the Avanti, along with the space and tooling within the former factory. Altman also struck a deal with Molded Fiberglass of Ashtabula, Ohio (who had furnished the first Avanti bodies) to carry on making your body parts.
The brand new business, called Avanti Motor Corporation, brought on-board former Studebaker chief engineer Eugene Hardig. With the Lark convertible chassis retained, Hardig's first job was supposed to replace the now dated Stude engine. A simple option was the lighter, more powerful 327cid smallblock Chevy engine, exactly the same one found in the 1963 Corvette. The front and hood fenders would have to be lifted, since the Chevy V8 was somewhat taller. This gave a distinct position to the vehicle compared to the Avanti. The lighter Chevy engine also gave better distribution to weight, which had a good impact on management.
Renamed the Avanti 2 (commonly spelled Avanti II) the brand new version. 1965 car was introduced to the people on August second of 1964 and released as a. The cars were handbuilt, which gave a higherquality build finish. Alternatives contained air-conditioning, power steering, electric windows, and an AM / FM radio. Altman motivated clients to pick and choose any paint and interior combinations they wished. All Avanti 2's were assembled on leftover Studebaker frames, and were quieter, quicker, plus a bettermannered car compared to the first Studebaker Avanti.
Production continued through the Sixties and Seventies, with 1978 being the Avanti Motor Corporation's most productive year - 165 units sold. The powertrain stayed Chevrolet, but evolved from the engine to the 350, the 400 and, eventually the motor. For the 1981 and 1982 model years, the transmission was upgraded to GM's lasting Turbo Hydramatic 400. The Avanti Motor Corporation managed within the black each year of it is being.
In early April of 1976, Nate Altman fell ill, and on April 19th, he died. Nate's brother Arnold, who had previously been with Avanti Motor Corporation in the start, assumed leadership. Six years later, in October of 1982, Arnold Altman sold the Avanti rights to property developer Stephen Blake. A selfproclaimed automotive enthusiast, the story is told that Blake became an Avanti enthusiast the afternoon his Maserati would perhaps not begin.
1983 1990 Avanti Automobile History
25th Anniversary Avanti Visually, the Avanti is identified by rectangular headlights and resinmolded body - coloured bumpers. The 'II' was shed in the auto's name. In mid1983, a 20th Anniversary Edition was introduced. Blake organized a national dealer network, and 1983 proved to become a great year - units were reached 289 by production. A fresh Avanti version, known as the Touring Coupe, was introduced in 1984. A version was offered soon after that.
One event that attracted attention to his business and Blake was the entry of an Avanti in the twenty four hours of Daytona contest. Driven by Mike Meldeau, Joe Ruttman, and Herb Adams, the car ran as high as fourth and finished 27th over all.
Avanti Paint Issues
In attempting to further update the automobile, paint was altered to Ditzler Deltron urethane to provide the vehicle s a deeper and better gloss finish. Following the 1984 versions were already out, it had been found the new paint didn't stick correctly towards the Avanti human anatomy panels. A lot of the 1984 cars needed to become re-painted under factory warranty, at great expense. Blake's business shortly declared insolvency and he re-signed in February 1986.
No cars were built in 1986. In March of this year, Mike Kelly, a native of South Bend, Indiana, got most of the rights and assets towards the Avanti. He changed the complete name of the business towards the Newest Avanti Motor Corporation and declared the resurrection of Avanti production in South Bend. Kelly was immediately faced with creating supplier relationships, assembly government regulations, and modernizing the chassis.
Avanti convertible image Kelly's first challenge was supposed to develop a fresh platform. The 1987 89 automobiles were in line with the GM G - Monte Carlo chassis and body El Camino. In 1988, John J. Cafaro bought Kelly's 47.5% share of the N.A.M.C. The business was renamed the Avanti Automotive Corporation, and moved to Youngstown, Ohio. The device of borrowing mechanicals from General Motors had worked well over time, however the Monte Carlo was taken from creation after the 1988 version run.
In July, 1989, Callaway High level Technology, of Old Lyme, CT, was allegedly hired to design and engineer a fresh framework and suspension for that Avanti. A front end re-design would possess a larger slope towards the hood, together with front fender flaring to suit wider, performance tires. Meanwhile, a few suits and judgments was filed from the business. The firm filed for bankruptcy in 1991.
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