Until production finished 30 years later, in 1991 the Barkas truck loved 30 years of recognition in the time of its own beginning in 1961. The East German firm created the fashion of these designs and also a little variety of light commercial vehicles has drawn many comparisons to all those produced by Volkswagen. The Barkas truck was chiefly used for much more than 175 and community service functions, 000 creation versions of the most popular B1000 variety were created.
The Barkas truck was created in a factory site that had formerly been applied by FRAMO-Werke GmbH, which likewise gained a reputation for constructing little industrial vehicles from 1932 until 1965. The factory, located in Saxony, continued to generate Framo - design vehicles and in the first phases of Barkas creation, the sole essential difference between the Framo and the Barkas were the name badges. Barkas specialized in creating threecylinder, twostroke engines according to those used within the IFA F9 auto and also the first Wartburg 311.
To the map the arrival of the B1000 ultimately place Barkas. A larger 992 cc engine was boasted by the B1000. The brand new models were also more strong and the 45 BHP engine epitomized the temperament of the forward - managed style. Creation of the B1000 started in 1962, and from the time the Barkas factory closed, 175,740 versions was assembled. The B1000 was also offered as a private passenger version and during the peak of its own popularity, wait times for delivery extended to over ten years.
The strong and compact composition of the Barkas necessarily drew comparisons with the West German Volkswagen vans. A lot of the similarities based on a front-mounted motor that created the Barkas simple to load. The B1000 also had adequate room inside for eight passenger seats and continued to work with the same 992 cc engine through the entire majority of its own creation. In the closing years of the Barkas, the 992 cc engine was replaced with a 1,300 cc fourcylinder, fourstroke engine under licence from Volkswagen itself.
The fashion of the vehicle developed throughout its lifetime, even though Barkas continued to create the B1000 before Saxony factory closed. Panel vans, flatbeds, people carriers, box van and ambulances were all accessible. The newest Volkswagen motor saw as the B1000 / 1 and 1, 961 versions were created the Barkas advertised. The ultimate fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 found Volkswagen control the German industry and even though the creation of the Barkas ended shortly later, the automobile remains a collector's item.
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