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February 1878 Andre Citroen was born in Paris on 5th

In 1912, after browsing some of his wife's Polish relatives and seeing a distinguishing group of chevron-toothed wooden gears, he set up a business to make double helical gears and consequently was created the double chevron logo.
In 1919, Citroen started constructing motor cars at his Javel works. He employed hitherto unknown (in Europe) mass production techniques borrowed from Henry Ford in the United States and within a year was making 100 cars daily.
Along with using mass production, in addition, he furnished cars which were prepared to drive in the factory gates, cars which were fitted with bodies (the standard was for the maker to furnish a chassis on which a coachbuilder would assemble a body assembled to the customer's specs), lights, wheels and tyres. Furthermore, he made a dealer network across his vehicles that were serviced by France and road signs were provided by him for the French road network.
Thinking of his clients, in 1921, Citroen created three warehouses with spare parts throughout the nation. A year after a method of hire purchase with the payment period from 12 to 18 months was started. 
In 1924, first international offices were opened in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, and Belgium - 17, 000 automobiles were exported there. In the next year a national sales network was created - the amount of offices increased from 200 in 1919 to circa 5,000.
The Citroen business quickly developed during World War I. It had been then that Citroen chose to create ammo. From the end of the war, it had made the total of 24,000,000 bullets (up to 10,000 bits a day), that was the greatest amount in comparison to any or all factories making ammunition for the French military. Simultaneously, the business created tanks (Citroen P103). It was also during the war that two prototypes of automobile models were introduced - a lavish one for affluent customers plus a cheaper one for everybody.
In 1948, during an exhibit in Paris, Citroen's most famous version - 2CV - was offered, which was to become one of the least expensive cars available in the marketplace. "Ugly Duckling", because it was called due to its ugliness, was built with light metals, it had a canvas sunroof, and the engine with the capability of 375 ccm and just 9 HP.
Citroen took 12,000 orders for the DS by the end of this first day, and it soon became recognized as the preferred manner of transfer among France's rich & most powerful citizens.
Near dusk on August 22, 1962, his wife and De Gaulle were riding from the Elysee Palace to Orly Airport. A hail of 140 bullets, many of these coming from behind, killed two of the president's bike bodyguards, shattered the auto's rear window and punctured all four of its tires. Though the Citroen went into a frontwheel skid, De Gaulle's chauffeur was able to hasten out of the skid and drive to security, all because of the auto's exceptional suspension system. His wife and de Gaulle kept their heads down and came out unharmed.
Frederick Forsyth dramatized the occasions of that August in his bestselling novel "The Day of the Jackal," later made in to a movie. 
In 1969, De Gaulle--understanding that he owed his life to that Citroen--tried to prevent the outright sale of France's highest auto manufacturer (possessed by the Michelin family of tire acclaim) to the Italian automaker Fiat by restricting the position Fiat could purchase to 15 percent.
In 1974, Automobiles Peugeot and Automobiles Citroen joined together and 2 yrs after the PSA Peugeot Citroen concern was set up. Both makes have kept a great amount of independency - they have a different sales network, variety of models, and also the make's picture. To be able to save expenses, they share development and research action, buying and investing. Berliet joined the Renault group and left the Citroen group. 
In 1978 Peugeot, Fiat and Citroen started to focus on a brand new delivery truck. In Poland, Citroen formally opened its first import and sales division in 1994. 
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