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Dodge company is really a great American maker of autos. They've created the top of marketplace too as many suitable cars. 

Dodge brothers was initially a provider of components and assemblies for Detroitbased automakers. 
Success came fast. The Dodges assembled most of the mechanical components for Ford's early automobiles, as well as their business soon became the biggest automotive parts business on earth. However they sparred with Ford over financing and ended the connection in defeat after 12 tumultuous years.
In 1901, after many years of piecework parts and building bikes for the budding auto industry, the brothers began creating transmissions for the Olds Motor Works and founded a machine shop in Detroit. In just a year, they decided to construct engines for Henry Ford, stopped building parts for Olds, and accepted Ford's offer of 10 per cent of his own company's stock. 
In 1913, Dodge declared they'd cease building Ford autos and also would design, assemble, and sell their particular car, as well as on July 15, 1914, the Dodge Brothers made their last Ford component.
After furnishing components to Ford for ten years, the Dodge brothers determined to begin their own business.
Dodge Brothers Motor Company was founded by John Francis Dodge in 1913 and brothers Horace Elgin Dodge and debuted its first car, a fourcylinder touring car, in 1914.
The Dodge brothers understood the company and were excellent workers. Their very first automobile was noted for the additional styles. These characteristics were industrialized but just used until 1926. 
Their car was the Dodge 4, a difficult auto accepted by the American military. Dodge has been becoming a rather popular automobile. 
In 1915, a lot more than 45,000 Dodge cars were assembled and sold, the finest firstyear sales record for a recent automobile within the business in the time.
In 1916 it established the Budd allsteel bodywork, that was used fairly often afterward. They gained notoriety as the market was searched by the brothers. The cost of these cars were $785 while also being fourth in complete sales within america in 1916 with 70,700 cars sold. 
By 1920 the firm moved to second in complete sales. 
All through 1920, the business lost its founding fathers. John Dodge died in his younger brother and January Horace the next December succumbed.
In 1921, Dodge Brothers decided to advertise Graham Brothers moderate - duty trucks through its dealerships; in turn, a Dodge engine was utilized by every Graham vehicle. Dodge dealers were provided by this partnership using a complete type of trucks to market as well as the highly regarded Dodge passenger cars, and also the resultant sales increases prompted Dodge to purchase the Graham Brothers business.
By 1924 the Dodge 4 was still the chief product, each day while 1,000 cars were being created.  
Taking advantage of their products' fast established name for reliability and worth, the Dodge Brothers business began utilizing the term 'dependability' in marketing. Clients reacted, and by 1925, one million Dodge automobiles were made and sold.
Their cars became more pricey, but they did provide a typical 6 for $765 in 1929, though other versions approached $1000. 
In 1928, the Dodge company was purchased by Walter Chrysler, founder of the Chrysler Corporation, for $ 170 million. The purchase made Chrysler the world's third-biggest automaker immediately.
Dodge continued to grow on the past few years under Chrysler's developments. Their developments were due to new styles, extraordinary productions, innovations, and marketing. With the developments, costs increased with greater amounts of hp and larger engines. 
In 1933 Dodge took place in sales once more with 86, 062 automobiles sold.
It turned out to be a great car, that the people appreciated, but newer automobiles continued to create. 
1942 1945: Throughout WWII, Dodge - made war materials appeared in tanks, arms, boats, aircraft and air raid sirens. 1946 1954: In the post-war years, Dodge vehicles evolved slowly from early in the day designs and kept a tall, boxy look. Prewar Dodge version designations like Deluxe and Custom were replaced with an increase of colorful names like Wayfarer, Coronet and Meadowbrook.
1955 1960: The muchneeded restyling came in 1955, part of Chrysler design main Virgil Exner's heralded Forward Look make-over, an overnight transformation of all firm's services and products. Notable on the list of lower, longer and wider Dodge re-designs were the lavish Custom Royal models, which offered threetone paint schemes, pushbutton transmission selectors, many different trim options and V - 8 power. With your highpowered, highstyle automobiles, Dodge started to build its standing as Chrysler's functionality brand. Dodge upped the horse-power stakes in 1956 with the D-500 HEMI V-8; the manual transmissionequipped variant boasted 295 horsepower, when compared with the 189horsepower rating of such year's conventional Dodge V-8. Dodges won 11 NASCAR races in 1956, a number that will not be matched until
By 1959 the most effective auto appeared with 345 hp and 6.3 litres. This is an excellent choice despite the fact that innovation and production continued to raise. 
1964. Yet another one-of-a-kind Dodge inside this age was the LaFemme, a vehicle especially advertised to girls. You start with the 1957 models, Dodges became longer and even lower, giving emphasis to their own remarkable tailfins, an iconic Chrysler design characteristic of the age. The wide, level surfaces and lightfilled, curvedglass cabins reflected a simple change, fast duplicated by challengers, in the proportions of the American car.
The firm started to provide coupes in 1966 rather than sedans. The business shortly created the semicompact Dart, the larger Coronets: three fundamental kinds in 1961, and also the Monaco V and fullsize Polara - 8s. These cars became main-stream along with the others under the Chrysler Corporation.
1961 1968: Dodge entered the little-car (or 'compact') field for the very first amount of time in 1961 with the Lancer, a distinctively styled car which was nearly two feet shorter and 700 pounds lighter when compared to a fullsize Dodge. This stage provided the foundation for a number of Chrysler cars which were to catch 40% of the entire American compact market within the early 70's. Subsequent Dodge spinoffs contained the 1970 76 Swinger, the 1963 76 Dart and the Demon.
Nevertheless, fullsize cars were still very much sought after through the entire 1960s. The 1965 Dodge largecar line comprised 13 versions, including sporty Polara, the and also the plush new Monaco with bucket seats front and rear. An amazing array of discretionary trimming, convenience and powertrain options, including no less than 10 different engines, kept auto shoppers occupied.
In 1996, the fresh Viper coupe paced the Indy 500, driven by Chrysler president Bob Lutz.
1998 2007: On the occasion of the Dodge brand's 90th anniversary in 2004, it might be stated the brothers' vision for his or her venture was satisfied. The dependable Dodge difference was still appreciated by millions of customers in passenger cars. Dodge remained a leader within the modernday truck market, creating many different versions with numerous powertrain choices, including a hybrid. And also the Viper, having won at LeMans along with other international places, preserved the brand's highperformance standing on both the race track and also the road. What other brand can think about this type of rich heritage?
Overall numerous developments occurred over recent years. Several new automobiles were created from 1914 to the current. A number of the products arrived in the past two decades with the launch of the full size vehicle, Dodge Ram and also the mini-van, Dodge Caravan. These cars also went main-stream due to their additional styles and dependability on the highway. The Dodge brothers formed the firm and made quality car through upgraded technology and prices. With this kind of innovation and strength the brothers brought the business into a tremendous and profitable market.
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