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 Fiat is started at the conclusion of the xix century - a period full of the fervor of grand initiatives, creative nature and new thoughts - and is destined to fast become one of the whole world's leading industrial groups.

Fiat illustrates the biblical - backed power of words through an easy spelling activity. Fiat. Simple, is not it? And there were automobiles alright.
The factory was rolled out by the first FIAT branded automobile some time in 1901. Faciolli's answer wasn't the expected one: he re-signed.
Like every business might have done, a replacement was found and sought within the blink of an eye fixed. The organization gained in popularity, as time went by and it still had perhaps not departed its long development and research periods, even though it was becoming larger by the day. After many try-outs using 4 and 6 cylinder versions, FIAT was prepared to show its first massproduced auto, the 1912 "Tipo Zero".
1912 1914 -- Fiat automobiles win several international races, like the Indianapolis 500Mile Race, the American Grand Prize and also the GothenburgStockholm Winter Cup. 
Prewar time was just to be over and FIAT would dive in boringly new development periods to cover for aircraft and tank demands. Postwar times however would bring Fiat heaps of sales-sums connected merriment - the 501 Cavalli designed model was built in over 45,000 units by 1926. After trying out some floppy lavish big engined models, Fiat resumed the evolution of its extraordinarily popular models. Before them were later released, a number of the very noteworthy having been the 1932 Tipo 508 Ballila a chain of newer versions that matched as well as surpassed the recognition of these. Permit - assembled rebadged versions of the Ballila were successfully sold in Germany, Czechoslovakia and France.
A couple of years prior to the WWII outbreak, FIAT was fast to produce the long lived Tipo and 1500 500 versions, the latter having remained nearly unaltered until 1948. Nearly called the Millecento, after the war came Fiat was enjoyed a much better popularity because of its topselling models at the time, the 500 and the 1100. The Italian business achieved the brink of just one million units of the 600 version - the Topolino replacement - sold, even though no significant developments were made within the immediate postwar years.
With entry in to the war, Fiat has to change production to military functions. While output of trucks is multiplied fivefold, the organization drastically reduces generation of automobiles. Marine engines and armored vehicles, aircraft are also created.
Still, Fiat had now finished growing. The 1957 released double-cylinder Nuova 500 version was constructed in more than 3 million units. In the exact same tradition of developing exceptionally popular versions, FIAT started the 124 in 1966, an automobile that will grown into one of the very commonly known, right near the 500. Talking about Ferrari, it had been later consumed by Fiat, in 1969 to be precise. Lancia was got, the exact same year. Having converted into a sizable group, FIAT coopted Abrth as well in 1971. 
2007 --  January, Fiat starts the Bravo. In March, one of the very prestigious sports car manufacturers in history, Abarth, is relaunched with its reinterpretation of the Grande Punto. The fresh Fiat 500 becomes an immediate success and hits the marketplace, on July 4th. In 2008, it's named "Car of the Year".
2009 -- on 10 June, Chrysler Group LLC and Fiat Group declare they've signed a global strategic alliance. FPT introduces the MultiJet II including the MultiAir, a revolutionary electrohydraulic valve control system, the exact same year. In December, the new Doblo arrives. 
2010 -- J.Elkann becomes Chairperson of Fiat. The business launches two significant innovations, the Twin Clutch Transmission technology and the TwinAir, the planet's first hightech twocylinder engine. On September 16th, Investors approve the strategy for the demerger of Fiat company's industrial activities as well as development of a brand new group by Fiat company.
Presently, Fiat is creating a fresh variety of city cars and sedans and has hi the jackpot with all the competition of the 500 and the models.
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